Pillar Candles adorned with Decoupage Specialty Papers, by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello Buddies!

Aren’t the festive releases by bob n betty super awesome? I have been thrilled to have worked with these great papers – super quality, unique designs and amazingly versatile! Diwali is round the corner and this is the second year of diwali for me since I started crafting.  So, have been looking forward to making my own gifts this time!

Diwali – can it be complete without lights, candles and diyas? Of course not! So I’ve made some gorgeous candles with Bob n Betty decoupage specialty papers. And trust me they look as amazing as the ones I’ve been buying from the lifestyle stores each year. So let’s get started and spread some handmade goodness.

We will require pillar candles (if time permits you can make these yourself with very basic supplies. I have purchased from a friend who makes these), decoupage papers, heat gun or hair dryer, a large bowl of water, kitchen paper towel and varnish (optional).


We begin with cutting the papers as per the size of the candles.  Next, we will dip the cut paper in a large bowl of water, wait for about ten seconds or so and then take it out.


Keep the paper between the kitchen towels and press lightly to soak excess water. Tip- this makes the paper super soft and easy to fold.


Before the paper dries completely, fold it on to the candle and use your heat gun to stick it. Do it in parts. The heat will warm the wax and stick the paper on it. Patience is the key to get creaseless result. (I didn’t have a heat gun, so I used a hair dryer. It will take longer with the hair dryer). Keep straightening the paper with your finger while doing this. Do not apply too much pressure, this might dent your candles.


And you are done! To give it waxy shine i coated the candles with varnish.  Trust me they look printed! I finally wrapped them with clear cellophane and finished with some ribbons for few and jute twines for the others.

A box of homemade sweets/chocolates with these gorgeous candles – a gift that can’t go wrong!

Do try them out and share your experiences. Feel free to comment for any clarification you might need.

Happy crafting till we meet again 🙂


7 thoughts on “Pillar Candles adorned with Decoupage Specialty Papers, by Jaanhvi Hinduja

  1. megha almal says:

    Thank you for sharing..u have a question..
    Do we need to use whute candles only for candle decouoage or we can use pink,maroon or ne colour candles also for this?


    • Jaanhvi says:

      Hi Megha! Thank you for liking. The colour of the candle is your choice, you could use any colour. However, while decoupaging with thin papers, it is recommended that the base is white. This enhances the paper colour and its elements.


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