Baby Records with Munchkin from Bob n Betty – 12″ by 12″ Accordion Tag Box

Namaste Guys

When I saw the Munchkin Collection for the first time my first thought was this was the paper I have been looking for the idea I had in my head.

I wanted the perfect paper to create a Record Book for my daughter and this was the collection for it. So I created a 12″ by 12″ Accordion Tag box that holds 12 tags one for each month of my baby’s first year. I also created from scratch two shadow boxes that hold special details about her.

This Shadow box contains all her birth information, the time, date, birth weight and height. And I used lots of decorative elements to create a baby room type effect with miniatures collected by me from my various travels.
This Shadow Box contains her first shoe and her first bunny toy and one of my favourite photos of her. I also incorporated a music box in this box.
I custom made the side link chains and created a super duper chunky charm to compliment the huge size of this project.

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Ashmita Roy Das

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