Floating wall shelves and a masculine accessories organiser made by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello folks!  Today I’m here to share some brand new projects with you all with the ‘Glam Craft’ series.  Though I’ve used some of them earlier too, but looking at them on the decoupage speciality papers lit my eyes. They look more gorgeous. As usual, whenever I receive a pack I have a strong urge to use them all :). So,  I made two projects this time. ..A set of floating wall shelves and a masculine accessories organiser.

With the interiors trending towards theme based decor,  I thought it’ll be great to make some trendy cubed wall shelves to hold little decor or maybe even books. And being a home organising freak, I love looking out for organising solutions. So after the popular watch/jewellery organisers that I’ve made, i created a masculine accessories organiser this time. So here’s how I did them all.


For the shelves I got cubed raw pieces made in mdf. I began with sanding the entire cube lightly.  Then  I painted the sides with light brown acrylic paint. I let it dry for a good two hours and recoated with the same shade. Then left it dry overnight. The next day i painted it with dark grey (the darkest shade of grey which the paper had).  I chose two of the similar hollywood papers for this project.  When I looked closely at them, they had a beautiful rustic,  tattered denim kind of look in the background. And I somewhat wanted to get close to this look. So after the grey paint had completely dried,  I started sanding the cube such as to give a distressed,  rustic look to it. At some places I sanded coarsely and somewhere lightly.

When I was satisfied with the look, i cleaned the box nicely  and stuck the paper on its back wall, without playing with the paper (I loved it just the way it was). Then coated it with modpodge and finally coated the entire cube with varnish (including the distressed sides)


I repeated the process with one more of such cube to make a nice set of two floating wall shelves. I love the outcome for its beauty as well as utility.


For the box,  I chose the ‘Casino Royale’ paper and decoupaged the box with a combination of other coordinated prints that came in this pack. The partitions in my box are detachable so it gives one liberty to use the box as per their need or utility. Such an organiser, I feel is a must for every home plus makes a trendy gift too.




Hope you all liked my ideas and the projects :). Keep crafting till we meet next for some more inspiration.


A Gorgeous Card made with Floral Nymphs Paper Collection

Hello Scrappy Friends,

Tanya here with another project using the GORGEOUS Floral Nymphs Collection! The pattern papers are so beautiful that gives wings to your creative mind. Therefore, I decided to make some card too as a project.
I mostly enjoy creating OTP projects and then occasionally I also enjoy making a Card or two.  These are normally from scratch or left over pieces that I used for another project which in this case would be from the previous project (Sewing Machine Box).


I love layering/matting on cards as well as some fussy cutting! I love embellishments and especially flowers & butterflies on cards as well!



Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Happy Scrapping!

A cushion cover made with Image transfer techniques – Decoupage Specialty Papers

Hello Friends,
Pratyusha here with yet another project with Bob n Betty Decoupage Specialty papers.

Well, I got bored of using the papers same way!!! So I decided to give a trial run at using the gorgeous decoupage specialty papers for home décor purposes. Thus I came up with the idea of using it to make a cushion cover that could be utilized on day to day basis!!!
I am totally stoked by the gorgeous patterns that are being released in this Decoupage specialty papers series.

So here’s what I created!!!



Yup the trial did work out just perfect. Now this belongs to my mum as she is denying removing the cover and has been using it in our living room and flaunting it in front of everyone visiting our home. J

A little walkthrough about the procedure followed!!!

Like I did in my previous post where I transferred image onto a canvas cloth, this time I transferred the image onto a soft cloth following the same procedure stated before.


Refer the previous post here https://bobnbettyindia.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/a-gift-bag-made-with-ornate-annie-paper-collection/

After the transfer Is done onto the cloth. Cut out the cloth so that you get just the pattern out.

Next select a fabric that matches the color of the image transferred cloth and get down to the sewing machine to get the image transferred cloth attached to the fabric.

As you know that I have basic sewing skills so I took help from my mum to make the cushion cover. This is a simple envelope cover for which tutorials are freely available online!!

And this is how the charming cushion is adding spark to my living room.


Hope you all like the project 🙂


Decoupaged Coasters adorned with Floral Nymphs Paper Collection

Hello Folks,

Have you ever thought of giving a creative bend to your table placed at home? Why not add some fun element to your home by incorporating a décor scheme to your table? This idea enthralled me and I decided to use it in my project and ended up making the decoupage coasters to beautify the table appearance in my own creative way. The project reflects coasters which can be used as an exclusive home décor item.


For giving the perfect shape to the coaster, I used the gorgeous pattern papers collection of Bob n Betty, Floral Nymphs. The papers are beautiful amalgamation of vintage and vibrant flowers. It was the best choice for my project. There are so many elements which can be used giving a different dimension to the coaster.


The base is of MDF, which was coated with gesso. The pattern papers were cut into the shape a little larger than the MDF blank. I used decoupage matt glue to stick the cut out pattern paper onto the MDF blank. Once the glue was dry I used sandpaper to smooth the edges and remove the excess of the pattern paper from the sides. The sides of the MDF blank were painted with black and yellow acrylic colors.


I used co-coordinating colors of distress inks to give it a vintage look. I then gave 2 coats of decoupage gloss glue and then gave 1 coat of Varnish to seal the creation!!!!

Hope you too liked the outcome.

With Love

A Fairytale Box decoupaged with “Floral Nymphs” paper collection

Hello fellas,

Without a doubt, creativity is the most important human resource of all which brings the best in you and it comes naturally to me giving me immense pleasure and satisfaction. Whenever I create something, I can feel a story yarned around it. Every project creates memory which is the best part of crafting. This time the creative bug within me compelled me to design a decoupage box as my first project for Bob n Betty.

I am in love with the pattern papers released by Bob n Betty, Floral Nymphs. The papers are simply mesmerizing and pleasing to the eye. Though the papers are largely for scrapbooking and card making, I could not resist myself to use them for decoupage. Indeed the outcome was adorable.


I’ve used a 6″/6″ MDF box for this project. I began with removing the hardware and painting the box with acrylic colors. I was tempted to use all the designs in one project, all being lovelier than the other.  I finally chose one from the 6/6 sheet.




To give it a little dimension, I decoupage a 4/4 MDF piece from the note card sheet and stuck on top. Then I coated the entire box with mod podge and finally varnished it.


After it dried completely, I embellished it with crochet flowers and shabby chic lace.


I wanted to do more with the beauties so I made a small bag for the piece of jewelry that I wanted to gift in the box.  I used the same paper to wrap the chocolate too.

Hope you too liked the project.

With Love

A New Gem Added to our Design Team – Jaanhvi Hinduja


Jaanhvi is an exceptionally  talented and charming lady from the City of Joy, Kolkata. She lived in Mumbai for over a decade and worked with one of the leading Asset Management companies there. Few years back, Jaahnvi shifted to the peaceful city of Nashik where she got indulged into some DIY crafts which in very less time became her passion. Her creative work is inspired by her love for gifting, decorating house, and the love of jewelry. The creative bug ignited the passionate artist within her and very soon she became a known name amidst the artist community. She is well recognized for her finest grip on the art of decoupage.

Her forte is creating home decoratives and utility products. Check out some of her most mesmerizing creations on her facebook page https://web.facebook.com/handcartindia/

We welcome Jaanhvi with open hearts. Cheers..!!

A Truck loaded with memories, made with Floral Nymphs Paper Collection

Hi Folks,

The longest journey begins with a single step, not with the turn of the ignition key. Indeed life is a journey with lots of beautiful memories hitting our path each day. Some stay by us for times to come and some get dissolved with time. But life does not stop. It moves on at its own pace. This defines the theme of my new project, “a truck loaded with memories”. The truck defines the movement and the album within is a compilation of beautiful moments that life show us.

Giving it the Indian touch, I planned to make a truck/lorry. In India, trucks are used to carry goods all over the places. So, the idea was captured to create a truck that can be filled with memories or some goodies you want to gift someone. Fill them with chocolates and small treats, as I decided to fill it with memories by placing a 6.5×4.5 mini album perfectly.



For the project, I used gorgeous collection of pattern papers from Bob n Betty, Floral Nymphs. This collection is a pleasing fusion of floral and vintage backdrop. I simply adore the theme of the papers with mesmerizing graphics on each and every page.




What I liked the most about this collection is that it has three 12×12 sheets with 4 patterns on it which makes it great for making a 6×6 album and it also has six papers with 6×4 patterns on it so you can use them to make a 6×4 mini album just like the one I have made here or make tags for your bigger albums. There are also three co-ordinating pages with elements that can be fussy cut to embellish your work, and these papers are so pretty that I think it does not need any further embellishing… I made this really simple mini album in no time and with almost no embellishments and it yet look so pretty.




Here is a video for the instruction on how to make the truck and a flip through of the mini album.

Hope you liked the truck and mini album, if you have any doubts leave a comment below