A Mixed Media Scrapbook by Riddhi Jani, Designed with Cottage Blush

Hello everyone,

This is Riddhi, and I’m a lil over excited to share my first Design team project of bob n Betty with all of you.
I have made a scrapbook using the awesome latest release “Cottage Blush” by Bob n Betty. No wonder, I too fell in love with this collection like everyone else. It’s soft and pastel backgrounds makes it apt for all the themes.

I have used modeling paste in the inside pages to give a little texture to the papers, but tried to keep it minimum, as the paper is so gorgeous and I didn’t want to hide the beauty of the papers.

I also used leather paper by Bob n Betty for the background of my album cover. Trust me this leather paper is going to be a boon for scrapbookers as it is perfect for binding and strengthens the scrapbook overall.

I applied some antique brilliance wax by Finnabair on the leather for some shiny effect.

hope you guys like this project, see you all soon with another project.



A Decoupaged Wall Clock, by Jaanhvi Hinduja, Designed with Cottage Blush

A warm hello to everyone! 
If you are someone like me who follows the trending decor styles, you’d probably know that farmhouse style has become one of the hottest home decor trends. But when you’re not actually a chic farm girl, cultivating some rustic-glam vibes isn’t easy. But Bob n Betty really makes everything achievable with their finest designs! The latest paper pack collection, “Cottage Blush” has beautiful cottage-like backgrounds with soothing blushing florals – which are just so perfect for a farmhouse style decor project.
I’ve made a rustic pallet clock this time. Over to the process.
Materials required:
1. Bob n Betty Cottage Blush papers
2. Round Mdf base 5-6mm. Mine has a diameter of 30 cm. 
3. Chipboard – upto 1000 gsm
4. Glue, modpodge, varnish, paint, cutting tools, clock hands with mechanism
5. MDF Roman clock face
1. Paint the edges of the mdf circle and the clock face with brown paint.
2. Cut a square chipboard  30 cm by 30 cm.
3. Find the centre of the square and divide each half into three equal sized stripes.
4. Place the mdf on the chipboard, trace the circle and then cut the circle. Don’t forget to pierce through the chipboard and mark the centre on the mdf circle. 
5. Now,  cut the marked strips from the chipboard. 
P. S.  It is easier to find the centre of a square and divide it in equal parts, therefore, I’ve done the markings on square chipboard first and then cut the circle. 
6. Choose the prints from the stack,  trace and cut for each of the chipboard pieces. 
7. Ink the paper edges brown to cover the whites. Glue the papers on the cut chipboard pieces. 
8. Apply mod podge on the ready chipboards. 
9. To add interest and give a rustic look to the pallets, dab some brown paint on the edges using your finger. This step is done after applying modpodge, as the coated base gives you a chance to wipe-off the paint and make corrections to get the desired look. 
10. Arrange the clipboard pieces on the mdf base  and stick one by one. 
11. Coat it with varnish. 
12. Fussy cut the flowers from the stack, ink the edges, apply modpodge on the flowers, crush the edges to give it a dimension. P. S.  – The flowers won’t tear if they are crushed after applying mod podge. 
13. Apply some metallic wax on the clock face to make it look like tarnished metal face. 
14. Drill a 10mm hole on the marked centre of the clock. Tip, i stuck the chipboards on the side opposite to the one where centre was marked.  Then reversed the clock and drilled the hole. 
15. Stick the clock face,  arrange and stick the flowers and finally fix the clock mechanism and the hook behind. 
So, don’t you think there is a comforting beauty about a home adorned with these do-it-yourself projects that are fun and functional. If yes, do give it a try!

An Altered Hoop by Niharika Gupta, designed with Cottage Blush

Hi Friends,

I am back with an inspiration for you all…

Since a very long time, i wanted to create something for myself.. and this new paper pack by Bob n Betty, oh god… i am sure i can never have enough of this in my collection… it is the perfect paper pack , we have ever had. Perfect combination of colors, textures, beautiful flowers… everything is just so pretty and amazing about it… I am very sure you all will love it, and love it more…!

The dreams that i have for my work, the passion that i have for creativeness, has always kept me going… I dream big and then I dream bigger… ! And while creating this Mixed media Embroidery hoop, i had all this in mind..   Now let me take you to some closeup pictures….

This is a 10″ hoop. I have used one paper on the back, and few more papers, to fussy cut the flowers. The element sheet in the pack  gives you enough options for tags, flowers and sentiments… I just loved them all…  I have used few products from Prima marketing like wooden embellishments, flowers, color bloom sprays and other art mediums for this frame. 

I hope you all like it and find it inspiring 🙂 See you soon with another inspiring post 🙂 Lots of love and best wishes ….


Mixed Media Layout “Forever” by Preeti Datta, showcasing Cottage Blush paper pack

Hi friends !

Preeti Datta (aka Dutt Preety) here, how’s it going? Hope you are having a pleasant day.

Today, I’d like to share a romantic Vintage Mixed Media Layout titled Forever.

I’ve used gorgeous papers from the new Cottage Blush Paper Pack by Bob N Betty. This paper pack has wonderfully delicate designs and a soft color palette. It would be great for shabby chic, vintage and romantic themed projects. There are a couple of designs in there that would be perfect for grungy mixed media projects as well. There are many pretty flowers which can be fussy cut for embellishment. Inspired by the designs, I decided to make a vintage romantic layout which is a totally new style to me but I enjoyed it a lot.

mixed media layout-forever

Here are some close-up photos of the layout:

close up 1

close up 2

close up 3

close up 4

close up 5

close up 6

close up 7

I’ve depicted a vintage wedding here. Essentially, clear gesso was applied on the background (to prep the surface and not hide the beautiful designs of the paper) then color was added with ink sprays. Background stamping was done and a few stamped designs were embossed in white. Then, the wedding photo was framed within an embossed mdf frame. Pearls were adhered to the frame to make it the focal point. Lots of flowers from the paper pack were fussy cut and used for embellishment and layering. I’ve added gauze, burlap string and vintage lace for texture and interest. White splatter was created to bring the design together.

That’s all for today.

Remember you can always purchase all the beautiful Bob n Betty products from our wonderful Sale Buddies and don’t forget to share your gorgeous creations on our facebook group Bob n Betty Buddies.

Thanks for your precious time.
Have a great week!
Happy Crafting and Stay Blessed.

Preeti D.



Decoupage Trays using the Imperial Collection by Tanvi Shah

Hello Friends!

This is Tanvi wishing you all a very HAPPY DASSEHRA on behalf of Team Bob N Betty. I am super excited with the new release – festive & trendy, the IMPERIAL collection. This release has 8 designs to compliment the festive season. For my post today I used these 2 designs  of my favorites from this set. You can shop for the entire collection from any of our Sales Buddies.



First I have a set of simple tealight holders. The design is so apt for the season & the colors perfectly coordinated!





Next I share a set of trays with a faux tile effect & a glass finish.


Let me take you through the steps to get this faux glass look.

Select the papers of choice.


Sand, prime & paint the entire tray. In this tray the black color will end up being the “grout” color.


Let dry.


Next measure the inside of the tray. Since mine is a square tray I decided to trim the paper into 9 pieces to make faux tiles. Trim the pieces smaller than the inside of the tray to create “grout lines”


Now we are ready to start tiling!


While tiling I glued the left hand piece with modpodge first, followed by the right hand side & finally the middle piece was set in place, to ensure all tiles were equidistant.




Similarly I prepared the second tray.

Seal the surface with 2-3 coats of mod podge.

Next lets prepare the faux glass surface for which I have used resin. The resin comes in two parts that have to mixed in equal proportions & poured. When dry we get a high gloss almost glass like look. This also makes the decoupage surfaces resistant to heat & water.

Weigh equal amounts of Part A & Part B of the resin. One is the resin & the other the hardener.


Stir & mix very thoroughly for a few minutes.



Then pour it in the tray , using a skewer to move the liquid to the corners.


Remove all the air bubbles that appear by blowing through a straw. Keep the trays on a flat surface. The resin is self leveling & you will get a smooth even layer. After 10 minutes look out for air bubbles & if any blow over them to remove.

Let the trays dry for 24h, once dry the surface will be smooth & shiny like glass!


Aren’t these beautiful!



Seal the painted sides & bottom of the trays with several coats of varnish. Sand between layers to get a smooth finish.

Some useful tips while using the resin –

  • Read the instructions that come in the resin kit.
  • Seal the decoupage surface with a few layers of mod podge.  If there are any bubbles or cracks, the resin will leak under the paper.
  • Make sure to mix enough resin for your project.
  • Leave the resin to set overnight on a flat surface, leave it undisturbed. If required cover it, you do not want dust particles settling on the resin.

Please share your creations with this release in our facebook group – Bob N Betty Buddies

Thank you for visiting  & hope you enjoyed being with me today!

Happy Crafting!


A Letter Holder by Tanvi Shah

Hello, this is Tanvi here with my first post this term.

Have you seen the new range of decoupage papers? Morning Glory & Knighthood? There are colors & designs for almost all moods…….be it vintage or shabby, browns or blues, brights or pastels!

I particularly loved this set from the Morning Glory collection, bright & yet pleasant soothing colors & the water color like texture lends it such a rich artistic look!


Here is the letter holder I made –


Some close ups –

Look at the gorgeous blend of paints here to match the paper! I am in love with this combination & am sure to use them in some more projects!





The design has so many layers, colors & textures that I chose to leave this letter holder rather simple.


Tanvi 🙂

Reverse Decoupage Tutorial by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello everyone, 
Do you love cakes,  muffins, pizzas,  coffee…? What a question! Who doesn’t! Rains entice your cravings further for sweet indulgences.  So,  on a lovely rainy day I have a new inspiration to help you make some great usable and quirky stuff for your homes and for your friends :)… And for this,  Bob n Betty’s ‘Foodie Samba’  has to be the perfect choice. This is the first collection released in A3 size to cater to the needs of decoupaging larger size objects. The prints are fun with soft pastel backgrounds with tempting prints. These are just so great for projects related to parties, tableware and kids!
So, let’s get started. I’ve used the reverse decoupage technique to make lovely coasters and a lap pad.
1.  I got clear acrylic cut into sizes 4″/4″ and 16 /11″.
2. Next, I cut the paper as per the size and script  stamped randomly. This is however, optional. 
3. Then I inked the edges of the cut paper to cover the whites. 
4. Next,  I applied modpodge matte on the acrylic evenly.  Tip: apply little quantities with a soft flat brush evenly. Thick coat will create bubbles and show a shiny layer between the acrylic and paper on drying up. 
5. Stick the printed side face down on the acrylic. Press gently from the centre towards the edges.  
6. Leave it for 10 mints to dry then coat the paper with modpodge. Varnish after mod podge dries completely. 
7. I’ve repeated the same steps on the larger acrylic piece for the lap pad. 
8. For the lap pad base I’ve cut 3″ foam (15″/10″) and covered it neatly with a nice fabric of my choice. 
9. Finally, i stuck the the foam on the reverse side using synthetic rubber glue (available in hardware shops). 
Check out the pictures for further clarity. 
This is such a fun technique and the projects look absolutely factory made! Do try and share your projects with us. 
Products used here :








A Mini Album made with Decoupage Specialty Papers, by Niharika Gupta

Hi Creative friends…
Welcome to the Bob n Betty Blog. I am here with my new project today, and I hope it will inspire you to think a little out of the box.
How many of you loved the new Decoupage papers release this month by Bob n Betty..? Aren’t they all beautiful? But do you think they are not for you because you are not a decoupage person?? Let me confess, this post will change your mind.

If we always try to be ordinary, we will never know how amazing we could be… right, so why not try something new this time…
Let me first start with a little info…What is Decoupage?
The literal meaning of Decoupage is the art or craft of decorating objects with paper cut-outs.  So, it is not that Decoupage specialty papers, are only for MDF or wooden projects or its not true that it can be only pasted on hard boxes using brushes, mod podge, varnish, sealant etc.

Trust me, with Bob n Betty’s decoupage papers…you can do much more. You can make your scrapbooks with them, yes…you got that right. I have used my favorite design from the new release “Morning Glory” Decoupage specialty papers in this Accordion Mini Album. In fact, i have used only one set (2 a4 papers) to create this album that is suffice to hold at least 10 photographs, can you imagine 2 papers and one album..? Well follow the post to experience it yourself…..

So, Before we proceed towards the pictures, I would like to share my joy of debuting a new product by Bob n Betty in this project. Its a must have for all scrapbookers…I actually jumped with joy to find these in my DT kit this time…these are the prettiest chipboard sheets. They look absolutely adorable in their texture and beautiful white shade. They are going to be available in stores very soon.

These Chipboard sheets are 1200 gsm, perfect for making your scrapbook covers. In this mini album, I decided not to cover it but to use it as it is so that the beautiful texture is visible too…

Now, without much ado, let me take you to the pictures…On the cover, I have fussy cut the hand painted flower pattern and leaves on the decoupage sheet, and arranged them on a corrugated sheet above the chipboard…Inside pages are kept simple to stick pictures.

Do leave in some comments to tell me how you liked this mini album. Will love to hear from you all…  Many more inspirations coming soon your way… Thank you so much for stopping by…


Product used here : 


A Beach Theme Box designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello everyone!
Its so pleasing to see the little craft community blooming with budding artists and great newer craft supplies being made available to us by so many like-minded suppliers. I am personally thrilled to have the new decoupage specialty papers released by Bob n Betty in a masculine theme – ‘Knighthood’. These papers have lovely rustic backgrounds and very macho elements, which make them perfect for projects related to men gifting and decor. However, I have a personal inclination towards articles, ideas or themes which can be used with versatility. And.. Here I go..with my take on one of the most beautiful designs from this collection which is rather nautical.
With destinations parties and weddings having theme based decor,  attire and gifting, getting popular nowadays, I decided to make an invitation cum favour box in a rustic beach theme.
I chose a wooden box with a curved lid as the base of the project to make it look like a treasure chest. Next, I removed all hardware of the box and lightly sanded and cleaned it nicely.  For the base, i gave two coats of dark brown chalk paint. After it dried completely, i applied petroleum jelly on the edges. Then, I mixed blue and green chalk paint to get a tealish blue shade and gave a nice two coats. Its important that each coat dries completely before the second coat is applied. Next, I took a fine grit sand paper and lightly sanded the edges of the box. This gave me a very distressed look – perfectly what I wanted. I repeated the process for the inside lid too. The outer lid of the box has been decoupaged. As the lid was curved i moistened the paper slightly before sticking it, to get it to fold easily and creaselessly.
Finally, i distressed the box further with antiquing wax to give it an old worn out look.  The box has been further decorated with some sea shells and a rustic anchor to give it some interest.
Do leave your comments about how you liked the project or if you need any other related tip 🙂
Have a beachy day ahead:)
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Design Team 2017-18, Reveal Day 3

Hey folks,

So it’s the final day of the reveal, and we are here to present to you our Guest Design Team. We have 3 remarkably influential artists with us to share this space. Have a look….

Asmita Roy – Kolkata, India
Guest Design Team Member

She indeed is one of the most popular scrapbooking artists of India. Her passion for life is quite well apparent in her work. Some of her most admired creations are mini albums, junk journals, smash books etc. Her use of embellishments is particularly lovely, and is actually something that urges newbies to think about. Ashmita has been teaching this beautiful art of scrapbooking across the nation and has recently ventured into online classes through her website www.artsomecraft.com.
We are truly blessed to have her in our Guest Design Team for this term, and looking forward for some real time enlightenment.

Bipasha K – Melbourne, Australia
Guest Design Team Member

Bipasha is a super gorgeous and exceptionally talented girl from India. Currently based in Australia, she is pursuing her post-graduation in Engineering. Much like a traditional Aquarian, she breathes, understand and live art. Bipasha does not follow just one particular art form, but gets inspired by every day events and moments, which ignites her hidden creative side. She is more involved in creating high dimensional and detailed projects that sets a different outlook as to what can be created with just paper, few metals and hues. Bipasha has her own blog, bkscreativecorner.blogspot.com.au and facebook page, facebook.com/BksCreativeCorner that comprises her beautiful collection of work.

Jaya Raghuvanshi – Mumbai, India
Guest Design Team Member

Dr. Jaya Raghuvanshi needs no introduction, a dentist by profession and a paper crafter by soul. This internationally acclaimed artist has been bringing forth the emotions and  feelings of an individual through her gorgeous mixed media layouts.
We have been admiring her work since the beginning, and it is an absolute delight to have her in our Guest Design Team now.
Check out some of her amazing creations on her blog: http://mycraftworld23.blogspot.in

So this completes our design team of 11 brilliant crafters. We welcome them all with open arms and look forward to experience some inspirations to be treasured for the lifetime.