Faux Resin Pour Decoupage Frames by Ujjwal Gupta, feat. Dirty Pour Speciality Papers

Hey there, this is Ujjwal and today I have a brand new project to share with you. I am using the newly released Dirty Pour Decoupage Speciality Papers. These papers are inspired by the trending acrylic/resin pour paintings which are everywhere on the internet these days. I love that you can get the same pour painting feel without all the paints and the pouring by just using these papers and a top coat of resin.

I wanted the quotes to reflect the bold, loud vibes of these frames and chose to hand write these quotes with a brush pen.

The resin really helps to bring out the real pour painting feel to these frames. I love the soft smooth feel of the resin on these frames.

I have a video tutorial on how I created these. The steps are simple and supplies needed are very few and still you get stunning results. Watch the video HERE and create you own masterpieces.


I hope you enjoyed watching the video and if you create something inspired by this, don’t forget to share it with us.

Paper Collection used:

See you again next time with more creative inspiration !


A Bird House altered by Ashmita Roy, feat. Roseate paper collection

The Roseate collection is so amazing, the color combinations and the prints and all the elements are just gorgeous.
I wanted to do something very fun and shabby chic with it so I chose to alter a birdhouse.
This is what it looked like before I altered it.

I didn’t opt to paint over it as the papers are very nice and thick and don’t need any surface preparation. I did clean it thoroughly with a wet cloth and dried it. I also got rid of the base in the front it was sort of not working out with the look I wanted.
I cut the papers down to size to fit the walls and the roof and decoupage them using mod podge. I also used some distress ink in walnut stain to add a finishing to the edges.

There are so many elements for fussy cutting that I didn’t need a lot of extra elements. I fussy cut the flowers and leaves abs make arrangements. Adding them using silicone glue in order to create some dimension.

Product Used :


Much Love,

Wall Decor Panels designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja, Feat. Dirty Pour Paper Collection

The rains have made the air pleasantly chilly and at the same time, the house, a little dull and gloomy. I miss the sun light reflecting on the walls and making my house shine bright! A good way to take away the greyness is taking some time out and change the upholstery and the decor. Won’t you agree?
With plethora of supplies being easily available, I bet the task isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Let me show you how I began…
I’ve picked up the Dirty Pour designs for creating a few wall decor. They are bright, they are colourful and they are absolutely in sync with the present trend! For someone who doesn’t have the time to indulge into some dirty pour art or for someone like me who has serious OCD with the after-cleaning task….the prints are just apt! You can create beautiful objects on the go!
I picked up two MDF planks and pasted the prints on them. Sealing the pasted papers is important – I did two nice coats of modpodge. Next, I’ve used some large Martha Stewart stencil with black heavy gesso to create the flourish design. After it dried completely I used the gold metal leaf to add some rich metallic touch to the panels.
After letting the panels to dry completely for a few hours, I poured clear epoxy resin over them. This step was albeit rather optional, but I intended to achieve an authentic acrylic pour result. Further, as the resin made the panels heat and water resistant, I may choose to use them as snack platters too :).
Check out the pictures and do let me know how you like them!
Product Used:

A Lampshade decoupaged by Niharika Gupta, feat. Roseate DecoPatch Papers

Hi friends,

It has been a long time since I came here with a post. A break somehow turned into in lengthy absence. And now that I have started to bring my focus back, I will come up with some interesting posts in the coming days.

Well, I feel you can never go wrong when you think about designing something for your own home. To give a quick recharge to my energy, I tried to experiment on something I had never tried before – Decoupage. I always struggle to think on something which is not a “Scrapbook”, but trying hands on this amazing  paper from Bob n Betty was super fun. I had this plain white Lampshade at home and I used the beautiful floral arrangements from the Roseate Decopatch collection.

These papers give an amazingly smooth finish without much effort. I really liked the outcome and now this little thing brightens my room in the most elegant way.

Much thanks for stopping by.

Love, Niharika.

Decoupaged Box by Heena Shaikh, feat. Roseate Collection

Hello, Bob n Betty buddies!

Heena here from bloomingpaperbuds.com, Today I’m sharing my second post on the blog that is a decoupaged mdf box using the decoupage speciality paper from the Roseate collection.




Here I have used a 6 by 4 MDF box and covered it fully with the Decoupage paper. I am not a decoupage artist and I am not familiar with all the painting and pasting techniques of Decoupage but with these decoupage papers, you don’t really have to work hard. Anybody can Decoupage! And I enjoy doing it once in a while!



On the Inside, I have pasted the image that is fussy cut from the Decoupatch rice paper.


No Project of mine is complete without some flowers, so I created some coordinating Foamiran flowers for the top.







I hope you liked my creation, Thank you for stopping by!

Heena xo

Decoupaged Boxes by Deepal Shah, feat. ba-dastoor Decopatch Papers

Hello folks,
Diwali being around the corner, everyone must be busy with last minute preparations. I am sharing here the lid boxes which created with the amazing ba-dastoor papers to adorn my home for the festive season.
I have selected a set of two lid boxes for this project. After sanding the boxes thoroughly, I gessoed on the outer sides, whereas the insides I painted with brown maroon acrylic colour. After decoupaging the papers on the required sides, did some texturing and stencilling on the remaining sides. I have used gold, red and brown shades of acrylic colours for this project. After the desired result, varnished all over.
Totally loved the outcome and hope you’ll did too. These papers are perfect to add that little glamour and ethnic look to your decor this festive season.
Happy crafting,
Deepal Shah

Decoupaged Cake Stand by Jaanhvi Hinduja, feat. Botanic Trails Papers

Life is busy these days, isn’t it?
In our quest to fill our lives with everything wonderful, we seem to have become busier than ever. We seem to be into an endless race and missing on the simple things in life. As I grow..I really wish to focus my time and energy on what matters most. To soak in those everyday, seemingly insignificant moments and find joy in the simple things.
Desserts…over-rated it may sound to the health freaks, I believe the sweetness brings you closer. Savouring the bite, I  tend to slow down and go back to my childhood..
Drawing inspiration from that old rustic life – the bright colours, charming character, home-cooked meals, and time with family – I hope to inspire you to join me in slowing down to enjoy the simple things with this cute project.
Its a cake stand for the fond childhood memories, using my favourite print from the ‘Botanic Trails’ collection.
I’ve used the same round base that I made for my earlier project (Ba – Dastoor wall decor frames). As I wanted the cake stand to be able to sustain some dessert spillage and also be food safe, I cut a round clear acrylic for the inside diameter and reverse decoupaged it with the print.
The bottom stand is a sofa leg that I found in a junk shop. I adhered the leg to the plate using small nails. The entire base was then painted brown and then navy blue. I then sanded the whole thing to distress it. Varnished it, and stuck the decoupaged acrylic on the top with a strong glue.
I’ve been wanting to make this since long.  But sometimes you come accross certain things and you just get it right! This can be used to keep small planters, or some decorative accents around the house too.
So while I relish the lovely cupcakes, why don’t you all tell me how you liked it, and give it a try?!

Decoupaged Clocks by Ashmita Roy, feat. DecoPatch Papers

Namaste guys

This is my first try at decoupage I mean for real. I have done a little bit here and there in my art journal but never a complete project with so many techniques.
I have used the #decopatch papers to create some unique projects. They are very practical and useful and don’t cost a bomb to create a beautiful project.

1. I took some mdf clock bases and used a clean old makeup sponge and painted with white gesso. I have them 3 coats.
2. Then I fussy cut the paper to my liking and requirement and sprayed the pieces with water.
3. I used mod podge to adhere the paper to my bases.
4. I used some stencils and modelling paste to create the desired patterns.

5. After the modelling paste was dry, I sanded it down with some fine grain sand paper.
6. Next using some chalk paint and sponge I coloured over the areas without the paper.
7. Then I used inka gold and rubbed with my finger and buffed using a wet wipe. To get the distressed effect.

Decoupaged Cultlery Holder by Ruchika Gupta, feat. Roseate DecoPatch papers

Hello once again my crafty friends,

This is Ruchika from Caterpillar Designs with a new project that I am happy to showcase today. This time I decided to work on a cutlery stand using fuzzy cut elements from the ROSEATE – DECOPATCH papers by Bob n Betty.

When I started, I did not have a fixed image in my mind as to how the project would turn out. Instead I just let myself experiment with different textures and paints to see how the final outcome would be. And I must say I was quite happy with the end result.


  1. The first step is to choose the elements you would like to work with.
  2. Sand the cutlery holder well to make it smooth.
  3. The entire holder is then painted dark brown.
  4.  Use 2 step crackle medium on top of the brown. You can use One Step Crackle Medium as well if you like.
  5. Once dried, paint the outside portions of the holder with white, off-white  or beige color chalk paint as per requirement depending upon what type of look you want.
  6. To give it a shabby distressed look, sand the holder lightly until you get the desired look. Dry brush the edges and a give some strokes on the holder with dark brown or black paint so as to give a distressed look.
  7. Paste the fuzzy cut elements on to the holder at the desired areas.
  8. Use modpoge to seal the paper elements.
  9. With the help of paints and a thin paint brush give some shadow effects to the elements and area’s around them so that they blend into the background beautifully.
  10. Once you are happy with the desired result, varnish your product with any water-based varnish.

This holder can be used at the dining table as a cutlery holder or you can use it to store pens and other stationary items. No matter what or where you decide to use it, it will always look amazing and be functional.

I had fun using these fuzzy cut images and creating a unique background with crackle effect and distressed look. Do try them and don’t forget to share your work.

Happy Crafting.


Wall Decor Plates by Jaanhvi Hinduja, feat. Ba-Dastoor DecoPatch Papers

Hello again dear friends!
I am here to share yet another project made with the Ba – Dastoor DecoPatch papers. The designs are ethnic and so colourful that I wish to make most of them this Diwali.
Hanging plates on the walls have become very popular in the last few years. If you do not own an antique to display, there are lot of home decor stores selling them. But, don’t you consider yourself lucky to possess just the apt supplies and the skills to create your own unique piece? I feel rather blessed to be able to create things that I used to buy once upon a time 🙂
I feel plates made of glass, terracotta, ceramic etc. have their own charm…but they come with a drawback of being fragile and difficult to handle. To overcome this, I made plates made out of wood. They look as beautiful and are not even half as fragile as the glass ones.
I’ve used the elephant design and decoupaged three plates of various sizes. Just one sheet made me three plates.
Diwali isn’t complete without a little bit of bling. My current favorite thing is ‘gilding’, to add that flash. To make gilding more interesting I’ve done it through a stencil. Check out how beautiful they look.
I’d love to share process and tutorials in case you guys are interested. Let me know if you would like to learn.
Till then,
Create, love, share!