A Festive Lantern designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello Buddies!
Just a day to Diwali, and for your last minute preparations, I am here to share a tutorial on a paper lantern. Let me admit when I saw this particular decoupage paper, immediately i thought of making a Diwali lantern, but just got a little delayed amidst multiple tasks.

We need very basic supplies for this – a set of decoupage paper, card stock (500 gsm is good), glue and thick thread.

  1. Cut the papers into two equal halves – horizontally.
  2.  Cut the cardstock – 5.25″/7.75″.
  3.  Mark 0.75″ on the card stock on all sides and cut the card stock to make it a frame.


4. Stick the cardstock frame on the reverse side of the paper and fold the edges and glue it neatly.

5. Punch equidistant holes on the edges of all four parts, lengthwise.
6. Join all four parts, one by one by passing the thick thread through the holes in a criss-cross manner.

‌….And its ready! If you choose to hang this lantern you can attach threads on top to do so.  You may also add some hanging pearls in such case.  I wanted to use this as a table lantern so I only finished it with some gold 3d outliner.



I am happy to have my own handmade lantern for Diwali. The beauty of this is,  you can fold this and keep it to reuse whenever you wish to:)

Do try this and please your guests! Alter sizes and make a set!

Have a very happy and safe Diwali. Keep crafting.

A Mini Scrapbook made with Blazing Bunches Paper Pack, by Anita Kejriwal

Hello everyone,

This is Anita Kejriwal with another awesome paper collection from Bob n Betty, BLAZING BUNCHES – a paper collection adorned with bunches of blooming Peony flowers with a background of black and white. Words fail, when it comes to describing the beauty of these designer papers. Some pages have dots and some have layers of Peony blooms waiting to become a part of a memory album.

You have it right !!! I have this beautiful project with me showcasing the beauty of the Blazing Bunches paper pack in a mini scrapbook with subtle mixed media done on the pages. I have used Zutter binding and have used tags and photo mats in between the pages . A scrapbook treasures all the memories and when combined with beautiful papers, these memories become a treasure.

Here are some inside pictures of the mini scrapbook along with a video tour.








All I can say is having BOB N BETTY papers in your stash will save you a lot of time and money. They come with plenty of innate graphical effects, textures and fussy cutting elements that you’ll hardly need anything else to embellish your projects.

Hope you liked this creation as much as I loved making it.

Do leave your comments. I love hearing from you.

Thank you

A Key Holder made by Jaanhvi Hinduja, using Decoupage Specialty papers

Good morning folks!

Hope the festival preparations are in full swing…!

Bob n Betty has released some awesome masculine decoupage specialty papers this season, and I am totally in love with each one of them. I personally feel that its a challenge to work on masculine projects, after all aren’t men themselves a challenge to be with 🙂 Haha..jokes apart – let’s get started with the project. I’ve made a vintage masculine wall organizer that can be used in multiple ways – to hang keys, glares, belts etc. Isn’t it good to see and find things at their place?

Now to create this organizer we will need a wood pallet (I’ve made my own – instructions provided), decoupage specialty paper of your choice, a candle, modpodge, distress ink, wood varnish and some hooks.

‌I began with preparing my base, i.e. the wood pallet. I’ve cut six strips of about 8″/1.75″ each and two strips of 11.5″/1″ each. I use a jigsaw cutter to cut my wood.  However, it is recommended that this should be attempted only after practice. You could alternatively get such pallet made by a local carpenter. I wanted to give the pallet a very raw and vintage look, so I didn’t pay much attention on getting clean edges.


Next I assembled the wood strips. Lay the 6 strips with about three mm space between each. Little here and there is just fine! Stick the longer strips that we cut on top using the hardware fevicol. Let it dry for about an hour.


Then screw all pieces together. Refer pictures for clear understanding.


Then I took the decoupage paper and burnt the edges with a candle. I made the pallet according to the size of the paper so no cutting was required. Be careful with this step.  Keep a rag with you, burn and quickly rub against the rag to avoid burning the paper completely. Please clear your craft desk and remove all papers, inflammable materials etc. before beginning this step.


Next glue down the paper on the pallet using fevicol. The wood that I used was unfinished and uneven. So the unevenness shows after sticking the paper. This is what I wanted, nothing very neat this time. Then use a paper cutter to cut between the pallet gaps. Use a sanding paper to remove extra paper.

‌Distress the wood edges and the gaps with vintage photo distress ink and coat the pallet with matte modpodge.  Allow it to dry.

Coat with wood varnish once the modpodge layer is completely dry.


Drill and fix hooks in the lowermost strip. Fix hooks behind to hang. And its ready 🙂
‌tip-you could put handles on both side of such pallet and convert it into a tray. Or fix clock and convert it into a wall or table clock, use your imagination to create! Adjust the size of the pallet according to your project.

Leave a comment for any clarification you might need.

Happy crafting till we meet next time 🙂


Accordion Pocket Album made with Coral Cluster Paper Collection, by Niharika Gupta

Hi Creatives,

Hope you all are doing good, and gearing n grooming up yourselves for the upcoming festivals.. A lot of things were keeping me occupied these days, so after a little break, I am here with my new project and and and, my first ever pictorial.. yes, you read it right.. its a pictorial for you on my “Accordion Pocket Album” using the Coral Cluster paper pack by Bob n Betty.

The day I saw these papers, I just fell in love with them. The papers are just flattering. This collection has a mix of beautiful shades of pink and grey, and my favorite poppy flowers.

What I love about all the papers from Bob n Betty is each paper pack is so complete in itself, that u don’t have to use many embellishments. They look amazing on their own… 🙂

So without further delay, lets start with the details on the making of this little Accordion Pocket Album. I will be giving the procedure in three steps, first we will create the pockets, then the cover and then comes tags.

First Step: Envelope Shaped Pockets
1. I took a black cardstock measuring 11.5″ X 5.5″, scored the 11.5″ side at 3″ and 8.5″ & 5.5″ side at 4.5″. Next, I discarded the corner rectangles.


  1. I like to round off my corners for a better finish using a corner punch. Also used my 1″ circle die to cut a half circle on the open edge of the pocket & adhered the folded sides along the doted lines (refer Pic B). My envelope shaped pockets are done.


  1. I m using 8 pockets in this album, you can make more as per your requirements.
    Now, I had to paste pattern papers on the sides of the pockets. For this, I used 16 pieces of 3 different pattern papers cut into 4.5″X2″ and scored them in half.


4. Folded them (not putting much pressure) and pasted them on the sides of my pockets. Using a little wet glue I pasted the pockets together and kept it aside for drying.


Second Step: Cover

  1. I used 1mm chipboard cut into the following sizes:

BACK : 6″ X6″
TOP COVER: 4 1/4″ X6″
BOTTOM COVER: 3 3/4″ X 6″
MIDDLE PIECES (2 nos): 1.5″ X 6″

  1. I pasted them on slightly bigger black cardstock and covered the sides to make the cover.  Using different pattern papers I covered all the faces on my cover.


  1. Now, I attached my accordion shaped pocket structure to the cover simply by pasting the first pocket on the bottom cover first, n then the last pocket on the back of the cover. It was now time to make the tags to insert in the pockets.


Third Step: Tags

  1. For the tags I cut my black cardstock in 5″X 5.5″ and used my bracket die on one of the edges. Using the same die on slightly smaller pattern papers, I got my 8 pieces ready to be pasted on the tags.


Time to embellish the album.. 🙂
I used a C-lock for the closure, few fussy cut flowers from one of the pattern papers, Poppy flower chipboard cutouts from Dusty attics water-colored them (just loved loved loved the way they looked n matched to the papers), some stones, sentiments, few of my dies, and some metal charms to embellish my little album.


Here are the pictures of the final product.







I hope you liked it and found it inspiring. Do share if you follow this tutorial to create a similar Accordion Pocket Album.
Best wishes..
Love, Niharika.

Pillar Candles adorned with Decoupage Specialty Papers, by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello Buddies!

Aren’t the festive releases by bob n betty super awesome? I have been thrilled to have worked with these great papers – super quality, unique designs and amazingly versatile! Diwali is round the corner and this is the second year of diwali for me since I started crafting.  So, have been looking forward to making my own gifts this time!

Diwali – can it be complete without lights, candles and diyas? Of course not! So I’ve made some gorgeous candles with Bob n Betty decoupage specialty papers. And trust me they look as amazing as the ones I’ve been buying from the lifestyle stores each year. So let’s get started and spread some handmade goodness.

We will require pillar candles (if time permits you can make these yourself with very basic supplies. I have purchased from a friend who makes these), decoupage papers, heat gun or hair dryer, a large bowl of water, kitchen paper towel and varnish (optional).


We begin with cutting the papers as per the size of the candles.  Next, we will dip the cut paper in a large bowl of water, wait for about ten seconds or so and then take it out.


Keep the paper between the kitchen towels and press lightly to soak excess water. Tip- this makes the paper super soft and easy to fold.


Before the paper dries completely, fold it on to the candle and use your heat gun to stick it. Do it in parts. The heat will warm the wax and stick the paper on it. Patience is the key to get creaseless result. (I didn’t have a heat gun, so I used a hair dryer. It will take longer with the hair dryer). Keep straightening the paper with your finger while doing this. Do not apply too much pressure, this might dent your candles.


And you are done! To give it waxy shine i coated the candles with varnish.  Trust me they look printed! I finally wrapped them with clear cellophane and finished with some ribbons for few and jute twines for the others.

A box of homemade sweets/chocolates with these gorgeous candles – a gift that can’t go wrong!

Do try them out and share your experiences. Feel free to comment for any clarification you might need.

Happy crafting till we meet again 🙂

A Shaker Clock made with the WOODIES Paper Collection, by Ayushi Aggarwal

Hello Everyone,

Ayushi here, with a latest and super fun creation as my DT project this month. The moment I received Bob n Betty’s latest release WOODIES in my DT pack, I decided to create something out of the box. This paper line is so gorgeous that within an our of receiving them, my mind was flooded with the ideas but as I said I wanted to make something unique the idea of designing a Shaker Clock arose.
Sooo….time came to pick up some material from my stash and start making the clock.

I have a step-by-step procedure for you all which I followed to create this fun piece.

  1. I took MDF square borders and applied white gesso and acrylic color on all sides.



2. I chose beautiful paper from Bob n Betty woodies collection and pasted on 12*12 MDF base and fixed the time mechanism.



3. Now, I picked one more coordinating paper from the same collection and pasted on top layer of MDF border as shown here.



4. The began the fun part, i love to play with the textures, so started using embossing crackle paste and gold embossing paste to give textures on the top layer.


5. Now paste the lower layer of MDF border  onto the 12×12 inches clock base and pour in bright coordinating sequins.

6. Paste the OHP right on the lower layer of MDF, and fix the upper border of MDF onto it(on which the paper is pasted). And there….your shaker clock is ready.



Some close ups of this beauty…..




Here is a small video to give you the glimpses of this clock.


Hope you all loved the making of this gorgeous clock.


Some Gorgeous Cards created by Tanya Cloete with Pattern Paper Leftovers

Hello Scrappy Friends,

Tanya here with 3 separate cards using the GORGEOUS Floral Nymphs, Disco Station and Anemone Collections!

I hate seeing little scraps of paper go to waste and thus feel they are a perfect use for cards! Therefore these 6×6 cards were all made from leftover pieces from the collections.

Lots of layering/matting have been done on the cards as well as some fussy cutting.




I added some flowers and butterflies to the Floral Nymphs and Anemone cards with a few embellishments.







For  the leftovers from Disco Station Paper Pack, I cut out a rock star silhouette and gold star for Disco Station which is perfect for this collection and added a cute little guitar embellishment.


These cards can be used for any special occasion!

Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Happy Scrapping!

3D Decoupage, A project designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja with Woodies Paper Collection

Hello my beautiful friends!

Today I’m going share a lovely and super easy technique with Bob and Betty papers – 3-dimensional decoupage! We know that this technique is traditionally done with specially designed papers, but I wanted to experiment it with the lovely floral elements that bob n betty has been designing for us, and the results have been superb! Without talking much, here I share the detailed step-by-step procedure:

Step 1 – I have used the woodies stack for this project, as the floral elements were really appealing. I did a basic decoupage on a wooden box.  Applied varnish and kept it for drying.

Step 2 – Then I fussy cut the flowers from the second sheet of the same pack I chose the bigger flowers and some highlight leaves for fussy cutting. You don’t need to be too perfect but greater precision will surely get you better results.

Step 3 – I embossed the cut flowers and leaves with my embossing tool.  The paper is sturdy enough to withstand embossing. Tip: for flowers move away from the centre towards the tip of the petals. Then reverse the flowers and emboss the centre.  Do the embossing gently.

Step 4 – I like my projects to be maintenance free, easy to clean and last long.  Therefore, in the next step, I applied a thin layer of mod podge on the flowers, and let it dry for an hour or so.

Step 5 – The woodies papers have some lovely distressed cracked wooden background, so I wanted to highlight the flowers with similar effect.  I applied the clear crackle over the flowers and let it dry. Tip : Apply thick coat at some places and thinner elsewhere.  Thicker coat gives you larger cracks and thinner ones smaller. It needs to rest for at least 20 to 30 mints.  I prefer letting them drying on their own.

Step 6 – Apply the vintage distress ink over the flowers and leaves and then rub with your index finger.  Wipe off the excess ink with a clean cotton cloth. This will highlight the cracks.

Step 7 – Though I achieved what I wanted, but I feared the flowers getting squashed over a period of time or during shipment. So I filled the embossed cavities with heat gun glue. You need to do this very slowly as the flowers are tiny.  Allow them to dry. Now I have the 3-d flowers that are sturdy and will last long.

Step 8 – Now the most exciting step, to put everything together! I stuck the 3-d flowers and petals on the decoupaged box with strong glue. I’ve used fevibond, however glossy accent or e6000 can also be used. Tip: after applying the glue on the flowers let it dry for a few seconds before adhering.  This way when you press the flowers,  the excess glue won’t come out and the project shall be neat.


Step 9 – I finished the floral bunch with some paper flowers, pearls, blings and sentiment tiles.


Step 10 – As I had made this box for a beautiful girl’s wedding trousseau, I used some lace and a fancy button with tassel to complete the look.



Hope you try out this technique with the versatile Bob n Betty papers and share your projects with us.

Till then,
Happy crafting!


A Decoupaged Tray made from Vintage Blooms Paper Collection

Hello Fellas…

Praryusha here with a new blog post, Hope you all are enjoying the festive season.

Well as the festivities are absolutely on my mind, I decided to create something peppy for this month’s blog post. No Doubts, a lot of guests come over home during this time of the year, so the idea of making a bright and colorful serving tray blown my mind. So, I picked up my all time favorite Vintage Blooms of Bob n Betty and there you go……


Here is the procedure I followed:

  1. Select a pattern paper you like from. Cut it to fit the tray you choose.
  2. Apply gesso onto the tray surface and let dry between coats. Give at least 2 coats of gesso.


3. Apply a layer of Decoupage glue over the tray surface and stick the cut pattern paper in place and let dry.
4. Select paints that go with your pattern paper and paint the tray accordingly. I used acrylic paints and Tim Holtz distress paints to get the vintage effect. Let it dry.
5 Once dried, I used Tim Holtz script stamp and Stazon black ink to randomly stamp all over the tray.
6. Used one-step crackle paint from Tim Holtz over the pattern paper and let dry till the cracks were formed.


7. Gave highlights with Viva Decor Inka gold- Gold paint.

8. To finish and seal the project I used Asian Paints wood varnish!!!



Hope I’ve been able to inspire you to create something for your home.


A 3D Cake with Cupcake Boxes made with Anemone Paper Collection

Hello Scrappy Friends,

Tanya here with a 3D Paper Cake and Cupcake Boxes using the FABULOUS Anemone Collection from Bob n Betty!

The colour combo of this range is so stunning and what better way to showcase this other than a cake with cute little cupcake boxes to match.

I have decided to make it a 2 tier with round boxes as the cake with pretty little bows attached around them and decorated with flowers, leaves and butterflies. I also added a little ballerina as the topper for the cake.





The cupcake boxes can also be made to open and one can put a little gift inside.



This could be used for a special occasion as a centrepiece for a table.



Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Happy Scrapping!