A love theme Exploding Box made using “Amor Mio” collection

Hello Folks

Love is a beautiful expression, a wonderful feeling to live with. It makes you feel emotionally connected to ones who are special to you. But why to keep your feelings confined just to yourself, and instead let your loved ones know that you care, making it memorable for them and for this Exploding Boxes is one of my favorite things to make.



My 4 years old daughter calls them “Surprise Boxes” and I could not agree more. Exploding boxes are thrilling, perplexing and gives you a wide area to express your creativity. The “Amor Mio” line of papers from BobnBetty is just perfect for making a romantic theme Exploding Box.



It has some gorgeous, dreamy, vintage designs which go well with a love theme. It also has tags and hearts which you can fussy cut and incorporate into your project.



I made a 4 layered 5”x5”x5” box using paper from the collection. I love that the paper is thick enough to make a sturdy box. Open the lid and be pleasantly surprised by the layers of beauty that unravel before you. I also fussy cut the tags and hearts to create attractive, vintage accents for my box.



The paper itself was so amazing that little else was needed and I just added some lace, trims and paper flowers to finish my box.



Exploding Boxes can be utilized to keep photos, a little trinket, write notes and anything that you would like to incorporate. It truly brings in an expression of mystery and surprise for the recipient.
I hope you too loved my exploding box as much as I loved and enjoyed making it.

With Love
Juhi Khanna


A Pop-up card made with “Feel like a Butterfly” collection

Hello Everybody

It is always unique when creativity is fused with simplicity, a perfect outcome that could leave you mesmerized. A crafter is blessed with the potential to turn her imagination into reality. In my second project, I tried giving shape to what had captured my mind time and again and finally came up with a beautiful 3-D pop-up card. Be it any occasion, these cards could be an innovative way to express your love, feelings, gratitude and emotions. For this project I made use of the exquisite and elegant collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, “Feel like Butterfly”.

3D Card 1

These pattern papers have in a true sense captured the charm and grace of a butterfly, blending it with the beauty of nature, as rightly said, “Butterflies are self propelled flowers”.

To give it a touch of nature, I fussy cut the butterflies and flowers and adorned the box with these elements.

3D Card 2

It seems as if the butterflies are popping out, a delightful sight indeed….!!!

Pop-up cards could be a wonderful gift for all kind of celebrations and occasions. It’s a priceless way of treasuring your memories and making your loved ones feel special.

3d card 3

3D Card 4

Hope you too liked my creation, as I completely enjoyed working on this project.


With love



Charismatic Bridesmaid Cards designed by Niharika Gupta

Hey Folks

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life… loves gives us a fairytale, and that’s your Wedding Day, One of the most memorable moments of a girl’s life. To add more glitter to this auspicious day, she would have the desire that her friends should be a part of it. Friends are Angels, who lift us to our feet, when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly and every bride have a bunch of special girlfriends who would be eagerly waiting to be her bridesmaid on the wedding day. Such a thought popped up in my mind and I decided to go crafty for one of my school friends and came up with an idea of “Be My Bridesmaid” Card. Sounds compelling…isn’t it..???

ng 1

For this I used the exquisite collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, “The Good Old Times” and was completely delighted with the beautiful outcome.

ng 2

The butterfly and flowers are fussy cut from the ‘Feel like a Butterfly’ Collection.

ng 3

The color of these papers gives it a very royal touch. I have used some flowers and metal charms from my stash to enhance the beauty of these cards.

ng 4

The resin frames add more charm to the pictures.

ng 5

You are lucky enough when you have your friends by your side, to dab your tears and to calm down the jitters on the most special day of your life, your Wedding Day. So why not put in some extra effort and show them that they are really very special in your very own creative way. Bridesmaid card would be the most candid way to ask your friend to stand by your side on the Best Day of your life.

There is nothing in this world, to be prized more than True Friendship. Have a great day.
Love Niharika

Amor Romántico Box by Bipasha K

Hello everyone!
It’s Valentine’s Day! A perfect day to make your loved one feel special, to charm him with an expression of affection and love and I decided to give shape to my imagination in a gorgeous and innovative way. This is my very first GD creation for Bob & Betty. I truly adore each of the paper lines of this brand. They are of high quality and so easy to use, to create masterpieces, with just a few embellishments. I was planning to create a stand-alone project with just the gorgeous papers but then had a sudden change in my creative thought!

The moment I saw this beautiful paper from the “The Good Old Times” Collection, I exactly knew what I had in my mind. So without further ado, let me share with you my project.
I have named it “Amor Romántico – Box”- an inspiration for the Valentine! I styled my creation in a different flavor, quite different from the traditional red and white valentine hues!
It’s a Graphic 45 Staples Book Box. I altered it in the following simple two-step process:

Step 1:
I applied a layer of gesso with a brush on the edges of all the faces of the box. This would be the probable area which I might not be able to cover with paper, so the gesso would help me to cover it up and blend the entire look.



Step 2:

Once the gesso dried (takes few minutes!), I adhered the pieces of my patterned paper on all the sides of the Box and embellished it, to complete the look.






It can be an adorable gift idea with some cookies/chocolates popped in it for your dear ones or may be a Valentine gift with a beautiful present inside it! Hope my project inspired you all.

Thanks for stopping by!

A Mini Photo-Folio with Amor Mio Collection

Hello Folks,

A picture is a poem without words, a delicate way of conveying your sentiments, on this day of love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your special ones know how much you love them and appreciate their presence in your life. Some will express their feelings with flowers; some would plan for a candle light dinner. But I choose a creative way to express my feelings, A Mini Photo-Folio, an adorable way of treasuring memories, a beautiful way of capturing your moments of romance. And to reflect this feeling of tenderness and compassion, I chose the gorgeous collection of pattern paper from BobnBetty, Amor Mio. The amalgamation of papers, photos and memories is sure to rekindle the moment of love this Valentine’s Day.

So here is a small tutorial on how to make Valentine Mini Photo Folio.
Step 1- Take 10X6 inches cardstock, score it at 0.5-1-1.5 up to 6 inches and fan fold it.


Step 2- Now we need 2 chipboard of 10.5″*4″
I have covered both the chipboards using Bob n Betty’s Valentine collection “Amor Mio”


Step 3- Paste the fanfold cardstock in alignment with the chipboards



Step 4- Next we need 3*4 inches cardstock (15pcs) cover each piece with the lovely Valentine collection.


Step 5- paste the ready flaps as shown, 5 in a row


And there…your Mini Photo Folio is ready.


This Mini Photo Folio will preserve a moment in time and will save a dream from being forgotten. So collect from some of your most memorable photographs, yarn a story and make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

Hope you too enjoyed the process of making this beautiful collection of memories….

Happy Valentine’s Day

Altered Calendar by Exotic Birds Collection

Hello there..!
The New Year has finally arrived, bringing in new hopes, new aspirations and new beginning. It brings about many changes, which probably means dumping the old and worn out calendars into the waste bin. But rather than discarding them, a creative touch could be given for their facelift.


When I received the gorgeous “Exotic Birds” pattern papers in my first DT kit, I decided to upcycle an old calendar and make a desktop calendar for 2016. Even though these papers looked gorgeous online, they are much prettier in real sense. They are A4 size, thick, cardstock sheets with a beautiful look and feel.
Here is a glimpse of the way I preceded for the same.


The calendar was really fun and easy to put together. I started off with an old calendar, some photos of my daughter, some lace, printouts of a free 2016 calendar and of course last but not the least the gorgeous “Exotic Birds” pattern papers. I began by opening up the spiral binding of the calendar just enough to slide out the pages. I took out the pages, followed by distressing the edges with Vintage Photo distress ink. I also distressed the edges of the month printouts.


I have fussy cut the birds from the pattern paper and mixed and matched the remaining paper to create the background layer for the calendar pages. After pasting the pictures on the pages I added some co-coordinating lace. I put the pages back into the calendar and closed the binding. I added the month printouts and pictures of daughter onto the pages and embellished it with the fussy cut birds and some flowers.


I did not overdo the embellishments as I wanted the pretty birds to be stars of the projects and also because too many 3D embellishments would make it difficult for the calendar to close and misbalance it.
Here’s a closer look at those gorgeous birds.


And some pages with my daughter’s pictures.



Crafting can change an old and left out product into something new and beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the post, and are inspired to create something of your own. Thank you so much for your time!

Juhi Khanna

Tea Chest adorned with Vintage Blooms Paper

Simplicity is the greatest adornment of art and there is nothing wrong in keeping things simple and beautiful. A creative use of a few embellishments and a blend of bright colors can make a simple thing appealing to the eyes. I did not wish to keep this thought just in my imagination, but to apply it in reality. Therefore I decided to decoupage a tea chest, in order to upgrade its appearance in my own creative style. Things turned out to be even simpler when I came across the exquisite collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, Vintage Blooms, and used them for my project.

01 (2)

For this project I have played around with colors and stamps, giving it a strip design to bring out its look. I even added a few embellishments to further enhance the look and feel of the tea chest.



I totally enjoyed making my decoupage tea chest. This handmade piece could be used in a variety of ways as a gift or for a decorative purpose. This project is a combination of beautiful pattern papers, radiant colors and a bit of imagination.

Hope you too liked it!!!!!!

Happy Winters……

Decoupaged Tray by Vintage Blooms Collection

Hello Everyone,

Imagine a guest steps into your house and you serve him in not just a normal, but a handmade tray, showing your creative abilities. In other words such simple, yet beautiful things do catch the eyes of beholder. This idea captured my mind and I decided to try and make something that would enhance the look and feel of the kitchen, in my own creative style. Today I will show you how you can transform a wooden tray into a pure bliss. For this I chose an MDF Tray of 12”X12” in size. This tray is adorned with the gorgeous and lovely collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, Vintage Blooms. The papers were a perfect blend of vintage background and amazing floral prints.

Here, I would like to share the simple steps for making the same.

A base layer coating is done with black acrylic paint using a flat brush. I selected a black & pink theme to coordinate with the colors & script of the patterns. Let it dry.


I chose to leave the inner side of the tray black and wanted to give a crackle effect on the outer sides and back of the tray. In the next step I applied the crackle medium (Folk Art). Let it dry again. Now give it a coat of antique pink chalk paint and as the layer dries cracks begin to appear.


Next apply a layer of Mod Podge and carefully place the pattern paper, smoothen the paper starting from the center and moving outwards, in order to remove any air bubbles.


Once it is dried completely, apply another layer of Mod Podge on the entire tray. Let it dry again. In the end apply 3-4 coats of waterproof varnish, drying completely between layers. If required, sand the layer for a smooth finish. The final product looks like this….




Trays are considered as one of the most fruitful kitchen utility items and could be used in a multiple ways. So try out this handmade tray to give an innovative touch to your kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed the process…..


Mixed Media Bracelet by Vintage Blooms Collection

Mixed Media Bracelet by Vintage Blooms Collection

Hello People….

Beauty is the first present nature gives to a women and she does everything to look pretty.  Accessories enhance woman’s beauty and make her look elegant. Keeping this in mind, I had come up with an idea of making a bracelet out of pattern paper. Seems exciting..no..??? So let’s have a glance on its making….

Supply List-

  • BobnBetty pattern from Vintage Blooms Collection – VIBL009
  • Decoupage matt glue
  • Scissors
  • Cellophane sheet
  • A bottle of desired size- to shape the bracelet
  • Embellishments as desired- Metal and mulberry flowers
  • Gesso, modeling paste, soft padding, Gold Viva décor paint
  • Crafters workshop Stencils- Harlequin, Art is

I chose one of the papers from Vintage Bloom Set. VIBL009 and was simply enthralled by the floral pattern and the vintage look of the pattern paper.


So here’s what I created with this pattern paper. I am super excited with the way it turned out!!! Though it’s my first attempt, I think the way the end product looked, it was worth the effort!!!
I made a mixed media bracelet using this pattern paper.
Here’s a small pictorial as to how I made this!!!


1) I cut the pattern paper into small strips of different widths.


2) Covered a desired shape with plastic wrap.


3) Then wrapped the pattern paper strips onto the plastic wrap covered bottle. I used decoupage matte glue to adhere the strips together and placed the strips in a fashion such that the flower pattern is more prominent.


4) Gave it a gesso wash using a dry brush.


5) Used stencils- The crafters workshop (2- harlequin and Art is) and added texture using modeling paste at random areas. After which a nice coating of decoupage matte glue was given to seal the surface.


6) Once everything has dried, I assembled my focal spot using various embellishments and various colors of flowers from my stash and to zing it up a bit added a metal chain that runs through the back of the metal sunflower to the side of the bracelet. Used viva decor Inka gold- gold paint to highlight a few areas of the textures added!!!


7) The final step was to cut the bracelet open at a point exactly behind the focal point. After trimming the edges, a soft padding was added to the inner surface of the paper so that it’s comfortable to wear. Last but not the least, a Brown ribbon was attached so that the bracelet can be worn by various wrist sizes and voila it is ready!!! 😀

Here are the closer views of the final bracelet!!!


And this is how it looks when worn.


Hope you enjoyed my process of making this bracelet.