Exclusive Paper Packs launch in association with Crafters Corner

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value, Bob n Betty has surely received a feather in its cap, by getting recognition from the India’s leading Crafts Store, in the form of our very first distributorship. We take it as our pride to disclose it that we are coming up with none other than, CRAFTERS CORNER. After a yearlong devotion and commitment of designing and manufacturing quality pattern papers for crafters across India, we could finally celebrate this big day.

We have designed some gorgeous and exclusive paper packs for Crafters Corner and they will be holding exclusive rights for the national and international distribution of these pattern paper packs.

Penning down an eight month long story in just few words would be challenging, but every moment during the course of this venture is still fresh and enthralling. Throwing light on this association, we would like to add that it was actually not materialized over a conventional business meeting, but is a result of numerous phone calls, prolonged discussions and several insightful meetings. Through this journey, we have taken care of every minuscule detail of designs and papers.

“No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks”, Bob n Betty express its gratitude for Ms Shalini Mittal, for being such an encouraging mentor and guiding us throughout this jaunt. We appreciate her humble gesture of giving us this wonderful opportunity to have an association with Crafter Corner’s family and administering faith in us.

The premium release with Crafters Corner is inclusive of 3 different themes –


Meadows of blooming flowers dancing on a canvas painted with beautiful fusion of colors. Graceful and glorious in appearance, combined with the angelic aromatic beauty of trumpet shaped blossoms takes you to a dreamland of love, happiness, peace and inner silence. The Ornate Annie Collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty is an eloquent compilation of blossoms in an assortment of shades on a wooden backdrop, with dramatic females, adding a vintage flair to the papers. Delicately detailed with charming and beautiful illustrations even encompasses tags, pockets and envelops, along with floral borders, adding more beauty to the pattern papers.

  1. Paper Size: 6”X6” & 12″ x 12″ Inches
  2. Quantity: 18 Designs, two sheets of paper per design.



This theme is purely inspired by our super gorgeous niece “Annie”. Yess, some people can be so magnificent only at a tender age of 8. Her immense love for head gears and fluffy floral dresses has been the real brainwave while incorporating the vintage style females in these papers.



Rejoice the delicacy of nature woven in the fantasizing creativity, with the beautiful floral engravings. The elegant and spell binding blooms and blossoms in delicate shades of pink, purple and white blended with the pleasing green leaves, giving it the natural beauty. The abstract and divine beauty of roses and anemones with the genial and vibrant wooden background in soft colors of pink and blue is truly a charming scene to the eye. Embrace the mystical artistry of the Floral Log Collection of BobnBetty and let yourself feel the sunshine in soul as you design your imagination into alluring creations.

  1. Paper Size: 6”X6” & 12″ x 12″ Inches
  2. Quantity: 6 Designs, four sheets of paper per design.



Kindle up the creative beast within you and take a thrilling stroll around the globe. A tempting fusion of world map and aircrafts taking to your dream destination along with a vivid assortment of distinct stamps on a beautiful backdrop, illustrates the true sense of sailing through your dream destination spots. The hot air balloons on the scripted scenery along with dramatized satchels and alluring chevron prints and other voyage elements, defines the amazing Voyager collection of pattern papers. So fasten up your seat belts and take on an affectionate journey with your luggage and tags with BobnBetty.

  1. Paper Size: 6”X6” & 12″ x 12″ Inches
  2. Quantity: 12 Designs, three sheets of paper per design.


These pattern paper packs can be purchased from Crafters Corner Website only.

Bob n Betty looks forward to this association and endeavors to let grow its roots deeper and deeper, as there are no boundaries for creativity.

Much Love,
Rishabh & Deepika