A Beach Theme Box designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello everyone!
Its so pleasing to see the little craft community blooming with budding artists and great newer craft supplies being made available to us by so many like-minded suppliers. I am personally thrilled to have the new decoupage specialty papers released by Bob n Betty in a masculine theme – ‘Knighthood’. These papers have lovely rustic backgrounds and very macho elements, which make them perfect for projects related to men gifting and decor. However, I have a personal inclination towards articles, ideas or themes which can be used with versatility. And.. Here I go..with my take on one of the most beautiful designs from this collection which is rather nautical.
With destinations parties and weddings having theme based decor,  attire and gifting, getting popular nowadays, I decided to make an invitation cum favour box in a rustic beach theme.
I chose a wooden box with a curved lid as the base of the project to make it look like a treasure chest. Next, I removed all hardware of the box and lightly sanded and cleaned it nicely.  For the base, i gave two coats of dark brown chalk paint. After it dried completely, i applied petroleum jelly on the edges. Then, I mixed blue and green chalk paint to get a tealish blue shade and gave a nice two coats. Its important that each coat dries completely before the second coat is applied. Next, I took a fine grit sand paper and lightly sanded the edges of the box. This gave me a very distressed look – perfectly what I wanted. I repeated the process for the inside lid too. The outer lid of the box has been decoupaged. As the lid was curved i moistened the paper slightly before sticking it, to get it to fold easily and creaselessly.
Finally, i distressed the box further with antiquing wax to give it an old worn out look.  The box has been further decorated with some sea shells and a rustic anchor to give it some interest.
Do leave your comments about how you liked the project or if you need any other related tip 🙂
Have a beachy day ahead:)

Desk Organizers decoupaged by Tanya Cloete

Hello Scrappy Friends,

Tanya here with a Stationery Desk oganizers using the stunning Soo Shabby decoupage paper collection by Bob n Betty..!

I’m quite new to decoupage but trust me it was so simple to achieve this beauty with these decoupage specialty papers and I thoroughly enjoyed making this project.
This collection is beyond stunning and has all my favourites’ clocks and flowers, a perfect combination!
So I decided to make a set of boxes for my desk in my craft room for all my scrapbooking tools, scissors, rulers, adhesives and ink pads etc.

I painted each of the boxes with white acrylic paint. I then cut the sheets from the collection to fit each box and decoupaged all using mod podge.

Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed making it!

Happy Scrapping!

Shaker Elements designed by Ayushi Aggarwal

Hey Guys,

Hope you all had a colorful Holi..! Well, I’m having some great time playing with the minions…..are you too looking for some crafty adventures..?? then get ready to try something new.

I have something really cute and witty to share with you all, yess they are Minion themed shaker elements, designed with Bob n Betty’s latest release Ba-Ba-Banana. This is a decoupage specialty series, but to my surprise, these papers works so well with the cardstock too, I’m definitely going to experiment with other paper lines as well in this category.

Shaker cards are trending massively these days, and I too think that they never fail to delight, hence I absolutely love incorporating them in my creations.

So If you’ve never tried your hands on this technique, I hope you’ll be encouraged to try it after today’s post because they are so easy to make..! 🙂 🙂

Come lets have a look…..

I have designed a magic card too, don’t miss to check out its video..!


A quirky pair of shoes, Decoupaged by Pratyusha


Pratyusha here with a super quirky project this time, after all its made from the latest minion themed papers released by Bob n Betty 🙂

The moment I layed my eyes on these, I knew I wanted to make a wearable pair of shoes. I wear shoes most of the time to college as well so had an extra pair, which I haven’t used at all. So decided that this time I should make Minion Inspired shoes for myself.

The procedure is as follows:

1) I primed the canvas shoe with a coat of gesso.

2) Gave a base coat of Cadmium Yellow.

3) From the paper pack I cut out minions in different sizes and use decoupage matt glue to glue them to the sides of the canvas shoe.

4) For the tongue of the canvas shoe I cut out the pattern from the paper pack with blue background and yellow polka dots. I didn’t have to do much work here as the papers themselves have a lot of depth. I pasted the pattern again using decoupage matt glue.

5) Once everything was dry used Ochre yellow to put in some highlights.

6) Added black paint to accentuate the design and let everything dry overnight.

7) Gave a coat of water based varnish and let it dry

And tadaa…my own pair of decoupaged Minion shoes is ready to flaunt!!! I already wore it to a small party 🙂

Quite a quirky pair I would say!!!


A Pin-up Board designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello buddies!
Its a bright hot summer afternoon, and as I sip some cold iced tea I think of the scorching summers ahead and the kids’ summer vacations!
Thinking of the vacation and the newest! coolest! ‘Minion’ decoupage papers launched by Bob n Betty recently,  I thought of making something that I needed for my son’s room –  a pin up board! All of us would relate to this –  keeping track of the school activities dates and organising the everyday circulars is quite a task.  A pin up board does come handy for this,  and nothing can be cooler than something which is handmade.
I’ve done fabric decoupage using the minion paper and then made a soft board out of it.
So let’s begin with the process….
Supplies needed – Decoupage paper of your choice,  soft board, thick white fabric, thin white foam or thick white velvet cloth, modpodge matte and sponge.
1. Cut soft board (available in plywood stores). Can be easily cut with a sharp cutter. I’ve taken a 12″/12″ board.
2. Take a thick cotton fabric and cut it 2″ larger than the board from all sides.
3. Take a decoupage paper and coat it with modpodge evenly (front side).  Use generous coats. Use a thick brush so that you finish coating before it dries.
4. Now stick the modpodge coated paper on the cotton fabric and press gently with your fingers and remove all bubbles. Allow it to dry for a few hours. I left it overnight.
5. Take a piece of sponge,  dip it in water and remove the paper layer slowly in circular motion. Do it in parts and patiently. Do not scratch hard – it’ll spoil the image. Keep doing this until you see the clean image. Use a hair dryer to dry the fabric.
6. My board was 12″/12″ and the photo transferred image was A4,  so I painted the sides.  The polka dots have been done by my son :).  It’s a great craft actually for kids to learn to upcycle things.
7. Next,  i covered the board with a thick white velvet.  Reason 1 –  it makes the board appear soft and easier to push pins inside. Reason 2 – white fabric underneath the decoupage fabric brings out the colours nicely.
8. Then i covered the velvet covered board with the minion fabric.  I’ve used a hardware stapler to do this. You could also use a glue gun instead, but i wanted it to be sturdy and so i used a stapler.
9. Finally i slipped the completed board in a pre-made wooden frame.
And its ready to be hung!
Hope you find the idea and the steps useful. Do give it a try – kids will love it I’m sure!
Happy summers till we meet next.

An Old Typewriter, Upcycled by Roshni Gupta with Decoupage Specialty Papers

Hello everyone ,

Roshni here with an awesome project to share with you all. When I think of decoupage I look for the old and ignored objects lying at my home to give them a new life completely. So I had this typewriter at home, that I planned to decoupage and turn it into a beautiful piece of art.

For this project I have used Bob n Betty’s “Vintage Wheels” decoupage specialty papers, and they have gone sooo well with the theme. These papers are quite easy to work with as they are so thin yet sturdy that makes it easy to fold them in almost any shape, hence the risk of damaging your project is almost zero…..they are a must buy for newbies.

For my project, I first decided which paper I wanted to use on which part of the typewriter and then I traced that part and cut the paper accordingly. Once the cutting was done I simply started applying mod podge and sticking the paper alongside. Once the glue dried, I filed the edges using sand paper and applied a coat of vanish over it.




There comes the most interesting stage….I embellished it with flowers , micro beads, mica flakes etc. .. and my completely new yet vintage typewriter was ready … it not only looks good but is completely functional too 🙂







Though it was difficult to fit the typewriter in the frame I have tried my best and have filmed this video showing the transformation. I hope you all like it….



Decoupage Trays by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Bonjour Buddies!

Winters have almost set in and isn’t the cold weather crept up on us and it feels like we’ve had to dust off jumpers and jackets overnight? Fortunately there are plenty of things you can do to get your home ready for a cozy Winter – and I’m here with some gorgeous shabby chic style home accessories, that will help you beat off the cold, dreary months in style.

Winter mornings call for something relaxed. Perhaps in bed before the day warms up. What can be better than hot coffee or tea served in a warm shabby chic tray?


So let’s get started to create some old cottage style accents, which are trending in a big way this season!
‌Bob n betty’s Soo Shabby and Coral Cluster range of papers are perfect to achieve the country style, soft pastel floral decor.  I began with choosing the prints of my choice and then painting the trays with a base colour. This is the colour that you want the cracks and the worn out parts to show through. After the base coat dried completely, i applied the clear crackle medium unevenly around the edges. This coat again needs to dry for about 30 minutes. Next, I chose the final colour and painted the whole tray with it and left it to dry over night. As the paint dries, the crack appears. Then, I sanded off edges and to give it a rustic, worn out look. Finally, decoupaged the base,


did some shabby script stenciling and sealed the tray with varnish. Further, I rolled some jute twine around the grips to complete the rustic look.


‌So, how did you like it? Try it out with patience and do share your projects with all of us!

‌Till then,
‌Happy winters!

Decoupage on Seashell by Roshni Gupta

Hello Friends,

This is Roshni with a new project made with the Soo Shabby Decoupage Specialty Paper series from Bob n Betty. This time I’ve tried my hands on beautifying a seashell.


Well, who doesn’t love seashells, all of us love to collect them…isn’t it?

So here I am with a tutorial on how to do decoupage on a seashell. I must say this is the best way to give a new life to the seashells you must be hoarding since ages 🙂

Do watch the video and share your opinion.


3D Decoupage Wall Clock made with Blazing Bunches Paper Pack, by Anita Kejriwal

Hello Friends,

Anita here with another project made with Bob n Betty’s “Blazing Bunches” paper collection.

This time I have created with Wall Clock, using this mesmerizing collection. Memories become a treasure with Time. Time has wonderful ways of showing us what really matters and the memories that we cherish become priceless with time. So here I am with this beautiful project using the 3D decoupage technique on a Wall Time Piece. I have layers of flowers fussy cut from the paper pack itself, with wood graining in the centre to highlight the beauty of the flowers that are strewn throughout the paper collection.

Here are some close pictures of the Time Piece.




Hope you all loved this creation.

Do leave your comments. I love hearing from you. Thank you.