Decoupage Organiser by Riddhi Jani, featuring Meadows Paper Collection

Hello everyone,

This is Riddhi and I’m here to share my new project made for Bob n Betty. I’m not a decoupage artist but wanted to try my hands on this beautiful art….so I made this MDF Organizer with Bob n Betty’s Meadows paper collection. And I must admit that I’m falling in love with this art form, probably because I’m working with the decoupage papers of finest quality.

Over to the project now…have a look and do share your feedback 🙂

Much Love,


Decoupage Bottle by Tanvi, featuring DecoPatch Papers

Hello crafty souls!

This is Tanvi, back with my love – DECOUPAGE & DECOPATCH PAPERS.

These papers are very thin & blend easily into the background to give a seamless finish. I wanted to use these papers on a curved surface like a bottle. The papers are 50gsm, just perfect for use on such surfaces too. I fussy cut the gorgeous lady (Floral Adornments) & decoupaged her over on the BIRDS & BUTTERFLIES background paper. Do you see how easily she blends over the background!


For some dimension I covered the lady with glossy accents & the glass like look was hard to capture on camera.


I covered the neck of the bottle with crackle paste & once dry rubbed metallique wax paste for a subtle metallic sheen.


Added some dangling resin embellishments too –




You can grab these papers from any of our Sales Buddies   &  share your gorgeous creations using Bob n Betty papers with us on our facebook group Bob n Betty Buddies.

Until my next post…….happy crafting


“Beauty in Nature” A mixed media canvas by Riddhi Jani, featuring Meadows paper collection

Heya everyone,

Riddhi here, and I’m sharing my new canvas made for Bob n Betty, using the latest Decoupage Specialty release “Meadows”. I’m absolutely in love with the vintage beauty of this gorgeous collection.

I have used 8×10 inches canvas here as the base and sealed the paper with gel medium. Some paint splashes here and there and a cluster of flowers to give it a more realistic look.

Over to the project now…..

I hope you like it


Decoupaged Book Box by Jaanhvi Hinduja, featuring DecoPatch Papers

Hello all you fabulous people!
I hope most of you’d be out of the lethargic summer break and looking forward to the rains…I love the return of routine and normal life after the holiday craziness. The idea of a fresh start and setting new goals is so energising for me! This season, I’ve decided to declutter my home and organise the necessities with my DIY projects – follow me for the projects, ideas and tips 🙂
We are living in a world of gadgets and so many remote controls around the living room stresses me out. I don’t find them pleasing to look at and prefer them hid when not in use. So…my first project after the holidays is a large sized book shaped box to stack all of them.
I’ve used the ‘Old World Charm’ paper from the DecoPatch series for this box. Ive made a faux leather effect on the spine of the box to complement the rustic look of the print. Here are the steps if you’d like to make one for yourself:
1. Prime the entire box. Sand and clean nicely.
2. Take pieces of kitchen tissues and crumble them and stick on the spine using watered down modpodge. Allow wrinkles to come.
3. Paint this with light brown acrylic. Add several layers of colours going from lighter to darker and finally blackish using dry brush technique.
4. Paint the insides and back.
5. Created book pages texture on the sides using texture paste and fork. Painted with several shades of brown (watered down) and kept wiping, allowing the paint to seep through the crevices.
5. Decoupage the front lid with the chosen paper. My paper was smaller in length than the box so I tore the bottom edges with hand and stuck. Painted the lid overlapping the paper with a matching shade of acrylic. Stamped vintage script on the painted part and randomly over some other parts, so that the whole thing comes together.
6. Distressed the edges with brown acrylics.
7. Finished with some laser cut embellishment, metal key hole and gold chipboard for the spine. I painted all embellishments with the same brown as I used on the edges and then rubbed some antique gold wax onto them.
I’ll be making one more with the left over paper to organise stacks of bills on my table 🙂
Hope you like the project. I’d love to hear:)

Mixed Media Layout by Niharika Gupta, feat. Decoupage Specialty Papers

Hi dear crafty friends,

I am not a decoupage artist but every time Bob n Betty comes up with a new release in Decoupage specialty papers, my heart skips a beat with the beautiful gorgeous designs. I cannot resist using them in scrapbooks or layouts. And so here I am with a new post, a layout on canvas using a sheet from the new Meadows collection.

I loved the flowers on this paper, and the butterflies are so magical. The moment I saw this design, this photograph was the first thing I thought of. This is one of my favorite pictures from our beach outings and I am so happy with the output.
The decoupage specialty papers are neither too thin, nor too thick and hence they are suitable for all types of projects. I just fussy cut the flowers and butterflies and layered them with minimal embellishments for this layout.
over to the pictures…

I hope you like it and find it inspiring. I am preparing for my summer break now and I hope you all have a crafty summer too.

Love & Hugs, Niharika.

A Decoupaged Wall Clock by Janhavi Hinduja, featuring DecoPatch papers

Heya…Jaanhvi here

I spent all my childhood in Kolkata, and among other things that I remember from the past, distinctively remember my dislike towards our kitchen, which used to be one small dark room full of kitchen supplies! Well! Things have changed a lot over the years and kitchen is no longer just a place where cooking happens. Modern homes have equally beautiful and accessorized kitchens, which apart from being functional are an extension of one’s creative side 🙂

Well! Talking of kitchen accents, a wall clock plays an important role. They are not only decorative, but helpful accessories that assist you in cooking. Whether timeless or up – to – the – minute in style, kitchen clocks can change the way your interior looks and feels.

Have a look at the countryside style clock that I’ve handcrafted. I’ve given a warm rustic wooden background to it and decoupaged with the new DecoPatch papers from Bob n Betty.

I chose elements, which were absolutely apt for a project like this. I’ve also added some kitchen related miniatures to add interest to the clock. The ‘Cafe de Paris’ text has been stenciled to complete the English countryside look.

Hope you like project 🙂 would love to hear!


“Sparkling Eyes” a mixed media layout by Riddhi Jani, featuring ‘Classics’ collection.

Hello everyone,

Riddhi here with a new DT project for Bob n Betty.

The mere sight of an Owl is enough to send shivers down the spine, but I do not find any reason to fear this beautiful bird. Just a look at those sparkling eyes melts my heart. So to endure my love for this gorgeous bird I have designed a mixed media layout, using a paper from the “Classics” collection of decoupage specialty papers range by Bob n Betty.

I simply took a Bob n Betty’s chipboard sheet, adhered my paper and started playing with the colors and textures and here is the outcome….

Do leave your valuable comments if you liked my work.


A Terracotta Vase upcycled by Jaanhvi Hinduja, using DecoPatch papers

Hello people!
Who doesn’t love some greens in their homes, arranged in beautiful vases and planters? We all do..! After all that’s the dose of freshness that we can create for ourselves amidst the concrete jungles that we live in..ain’t it?
I’ve upcycled a terracotta vase into a beautiful vintage shabby planter. I wanted to give the planter a very concrete stone look and make it appear rather old – yeah! Old is the new look that’s being loved around!
Let’s get started:
1. I began with washing the terra cotta pot nicely to remove the dust. Also, a washed/soaked terra cotta absorbs less paint.
2. I chose the motiff that I wanted to use and cut it in an oval shape. Then I cut a piece of chipboard in the same oval shape.
3. I wanted the decoupage motiff to have a little dimension. I used resin clay for this. Took the oval chipboard as the base and flattened the clay on it. Cut the excess edges. Next pasted the motiff on the clay. Then stuck the clay on the pot with wood glue. Resin clay dries very fast. You can see some wrinkles on the edges. I liked that and let them be. In case you don’t, stick the clay first, smoothen out the edges and then decoupage the motiff. You might have to cut out some edges from the clay in this case.
4. For the concrete effect, I’ve mixed stone effect texture paste with white gesso and applied on the pot randomly. After it dried, sanded the entire pot nicely.
5. Painted the entire pot with a darker shade of grey. Using dry brush technique kept adding several layers of paint each a shade lighter than the previous to achieve the look.
6. For the moss effect, mixed the stone effect paste with Spanish moss chalk paint and using hard bristle brush, dabbed unevenly on the top and bottom edges. Did the same process with brown paint at some places to give  a soiled look.
7. I’ve used two step crackle medium to give cracks on the decoupaged motiff. Rubbed antiquing wax to highlight the cracks and give it a vintage look. I like the wrinkles on the edges more after antiquing :).
8. Finished the vase by gluing jute twine around the motiff.
Check out the pictures for clear understanding. Hope you like it!
Would love to hear your reviews on the paper and the projects that I share. There’s more to come. Pick up your papers, till we meet next.

Magazine Holder designed by Tanvi Shah, featuring DecoPatch Papers

Hello Craft Lovers!

Bob n Betty has been the pioneer in introducing high quality papers 100 GSM papers specially meant for decoupage. These specialty papers became trend setters in the decoupage industry & no wonder they are so popular with decoupage artists in India & beyond.

Bob N Betty brings to you another brilliant well designed quality product – THE DECOPATCH PAPERS. These are high quality 50 GSM papers available in 10.5×29 inches, perfect for all kinds of surfaces including the curved ones.

Currently you can choose from 5 designs –

  • Rose Garden
  • Birds & Butterflies
  • Old World Charm
  • Floral Gilding
  • Floral Adornments

I have used the”Rose Garden” decopatch paper to decoupage a magazine holder. This design is totally mesmerizing, beautiful vintage colors & amazing layers and textures.


This magazine holder is rather large (14x11x8.5″) & I loved that these are long sheets – 10.5×29 inches, giving me a seamless finish on both the sides.





I wanted to retain the vintage look & yet add some bright happy colors. With chalk paints & beautiful 2 layered stenciling I managed to get the desired look.



A revolutionary product for decoupage lovers, go grab yours from our wonderful Sales Buddies   &  do share your gorgeous creations using Bob n Betty papers with us on our facebook group Bob n Betty Buddies. 

Bob n Betty will soon be celebrating it’s 3rd Birthday on 28th April, yay!! Everyone at the Bob n Betty family is very thankful for all the love & support bestowed on us. To celebrate, there is an awesome giveaway & a Mega Contest already under way, to check out all the details & for your chance to win superb prizes, please visit the Bob n Betty Facebook page.


Decoupaged Tote Bag designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja, Featuring DecoPatch Papers

Decopatch – Fabric Decoupage
Summers are here and so are the vacations! I see all the homes around bustling with activities – vacation planning, summer camps and of course the summer savouries and pickles :). Well! Bob n Betty sent me a packful of summer activities in the form of their newly launched ‘DecoPatch Papers’. Ummmm.. are you thinking how is it different from our decoupage speciality papers?
Well, most of us would know that decoupage originally began as a form of art involving altering products using patches/pieces of papers. So, the ‘DecoPatch Papers’ are the perfect resources for one to indulge into authentic art of decoupage. With beautiful motiffs, printed on fine quality fairly translucent 50 GSM papers, you could achieve high quality finish on your products. The extreme ease with which they fold make them usable on any kind of surface including the curved ones. And not to miss, I was extremely delighted to see the attractive packaging! As they say, what the eyes admire, the heart desire 😉 ;).  It comes as singles, packed in sturdy cardboard rolls, making them reach you fresh and crisp and of course, easy to store!
I am sharing the first project that I’ve done with these papers with all of you here.
Fabric tote bag
We all know by now how bad plastic is for our environment, don’t we? I’ve decided to bring about a little change I possibly could by adopting a low – waste lifestyle and reducing the use of plastic wherever I can. So, I altered my fabric tote to make it more intriguing for me to carry it out :).  Here are the steps –
1.  I washed my canvas bag to remove all starch from it and ironed it well.
2. Next, I inserted a piece of cardboard covered with cellophane inside the bag. This is to ensure, when I paint, the colours don’t seep through the fabric and spoil the back side of the bag.
3. Then, I adhered masking tape to create stripes, and painted the unmasked area with light grey fabric/acrylic colours. I diluted the paint with water and painted as I didn’t want the paint to appear heavy and stiff  on the fabric.
4. Next, I cut the motiff out of the decopatch sheet, and applied white acrylic paint on the reverse side lightly. As the paper is fairly translucent, I didn’t want the stripes on the background to show through the motiff.
5. Then, I stuck the motiff on the bag using diluted fabric glue. Then place cellophane and press gently from centre towards the edges to remove  all air bubbles. Then, I coated the patch with fabric glue.
6. I had come accross this beautiful stencil, which complements the motiff that I chose perfectly, and so with black fabric/acrylic paint I stenciled the image on the bag. Tip: use good quality stencil brush (foam daubers tend to make the paint bleed). Wipe excess paint on a tissue and use dry brush method and tap-tap brush technique for perfect stenciling.
7. Finally, I reversed the bag and ironed it. (Light iron setting).
8. Lastly, I decorated the bag with some coordinated fabric flowers and a blingy star!
I am pretty impressed, the bag looks no less than a printed factory – made one :)I am going to make quite a few of these and gift my friends and relatives – “we’ve banned the plastic bag, for a better tomorrow“. 🙂
Hope you like the project!
Try out the papers and spam me with all your queries:) Happy to help😘.