Floating wall shelves and a masculine accessories organiser made by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello folks!  Today I’m here to share some brand new projects with you all with the ‘Glam Craft’ series.  Though I’ve used some of them earlier too, but looking at them on the decoupage speciality papers lit my eyes. They look more gorgeous. As usual, whenever I receive a pack I have a strong urge to use them all :). So,  I made two projects this time. ..A set of floating wall shelves and a masculine accessories organiser.

With the interiors trending towards theme based decor,  I thought it’ll be great to make some trendy cubed wall shelves to hold little decor or maybe even books. And being a home organising freak, I love looking out for organising solutions. So after the popular watch/jewellery organisers that I’ve made, i created a masculine accessories organiser this time. So here’s how I did them all.


For the shelves I got cubed raw pieces made in mdf. I began with sanding the entire cube lightly.  Then  I painted the sides with light brown acrylic paint. I let it dry for a good two hours and recoated with the same shade. Then left it dry overnight. The next day i painted it with dark grey (the darkest shade of grey which the paper had).  I chose two of the similar hollywood papers for this project.  When I looked closely at them, they had a beautiful rustic,  tattered denim kind of look in the background. And I somewhat wanted to get close to this look. So after the grey paint had completely dried,  I started sanding the cube such as to give a distressed,  rustic look to it. At some places I sanded coarsely and somewhere lightly.

When I was satisfied with the look, i cleaned the box nicely  and stuck the paper on its back wall, without playing with the paper (I loved it just the way it was). Then coated it with modpodge and finally coated the entire cube with varnish (including the distressed sides)


I repeated the process with one more of such cube to make a nice set of two floating wall shelves. I love the outcome for its beauty as well as utility.


For the box,  I chose the ‘Casino Royale’ paper and decoupaged the box with a combination of other coordinated prints that came in this pack. The partitions in my box are detachable so it gives one liberty to use the box as per their need or utility. Such an organiser, I feel is a must for every home plus makes a trendy gift too.




Hope you all liked my ideas and the projects :). Keep crafting till we meet next for some more inspiration.



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