A Gift Bag made with Ornate Annie Paper Collection

Girls love to have an attractive assortment of bags in their closet. Be it a college day or an event, a bag is a must have accessory for every girl. So, how about giving it a creative bend? The bags that you usually carry either have some metal embellishments or of single color. The creative beast within me compelled me to try something out of the box. For this I chose Ornate Annie pattern papers from Bob n Betty. No paper could have been a better choice for making these bags.

PMV 12

This was a trial and it turned out to be beautiful. I didn’t take pics while making it, so for the pictorial I’ve used other paper from Ornate Annie.

The  Material required:

  • 2 Bob n Betty pattern papers from Ornate Annie collection. ( I am using 6×6 inch papers)
  • Canvas that would fit both the pattern papers.
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Brayer
  • Needle and thread
  • Distress stain in colors of your choice, stamp pad in colour of your choice
  • Ribbon
  • Beads and charms to decorate the bag, Viva décor inka gold paint
  • Stamps and stencils!!!


Part 1 : Pictorial for Image Transfer









Repeat the above steps for the second pattern paper also and cut both the canvases to size.

Part 2 : Making the bag.

  • Once the canvas is cut to size. Oppose the canvas with the pattern to each other and clip them at one end.
  • I don’t have mad sewing skills. I just used a simple running stitch to sew the canvases together on 3 sides.
  • Once sewing is done. Reverse the canvases to get a pouch with one side open.
  • Punch holes to the free side of the pouch to attach the ribbon.
  • Now it’s left to your imagination as to how you decorate it. I used co-coordinating Tim Holtz distress stain to cover the areas where the image transfer was not up to mark.
  • I used coordinating color of ink pad and used mixed media stamps to randomly cover the canvas on both the sides.
  • Later I used Viva décor Inka gold and stencil to add some more interest to the finished bag.
  • Once happy with the look of the gift bag. I added in some beads and charms to finish it off

PMV 10

PMV 11

Hope you all enjoyed the process of making this gift bag.



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