A Truck loaded with memories, made with Floral Nymphs Paper Collection

Hi Folks,

The longest journey begins with a single step, not with the turn of the ignition key. Indeed life is a journey with lots of beautiful memories hitting our path each day. Some stay by us for times to come and some get dissolved with time. But life does not stop. It moves on at its own pace. This defines the theme of my new project, “a truck loaded with memories”. The truck defines the movement and the album within is a compilation of beautiful moments that life show us.

Giving it the Indian touch, I planned to make a truck/lorry. In India, trucks are used to carry goods all over the places. So, the idea was captured to create a truck that can be filled with memories or some goodies you want to gift someone. Fill them with chocolates and small treats, as I decided to fill it with memories by placing a 6.5×4.5 mini album perfectly.



For the project, I used gorgeous collection of pattern papers from Bob n Betty, Floral Nymphs. This collection is a pleasing fusion of floral and vintage backdrop. I simply adore the theme of the papers with mesmerizing graphics on each and every page.




What I liked the most about this collection is that it has three 12×12 sheets with 4 patterns on it which makes it great for making a 6×6 album and it also has six papers with 6×4 patterns on it so you can use them to make a 6×4 mini album just like the one I have made here or make tags for your bigger albums. There are also three co-ordinating pages with elements that can be fussy cut to embellish your work, and these papers are so pretty that I think it does not need any further embellishing… I made this really simple mini album in no time and with almost no embellishments and it yet look so pretty.




Here is a video for the instruction on how to make the truck and a flip through of the mini album.

Hope you liked the truck and mini album, if you have any doubts leave a comment below



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