Mixed Media Bracelet by Vintage Blooms Collection

Mixed Media Bracelet by Vintage Blooms Collection

Hello People….

Beauty is the first present nature gives to a women and she does everything to look pretty.  Accessories enhance woman’s beauty and make her look elegant. Keeping this in mind, I had come up with an idea of making a bracelet out of pattern paper. Seems exciting..no..??? So let’s have a glance on its making….

Supply List-

  • BobnBetty pattern from Vintage Blooms Collection – VIBL009
  • Decoupage matt glue
  • Scissors
  • Cellophane sheet
  • A bottle of desired size- to shape the bracelet
  • Embellishments as desired- Metal and mulberry flowers
  • Gesso, modeling paste, soft padding, Gold Viva décor paint
  • Crafters workshop Stencils- Harlequin, Art is

I chose one of the papers from Vintage Bloom Set. VIBL009 and was simply enthralled by the floral pattern and the vintage look of the pattern paper.


So here’s what I created with this pattern paper. I am super excited with the way it turned out!!! Though it’s my first attempt, I think the way the end product looked, it was worth the effort!!!
I made a mixed media bracelet using this pattern paper.
Here’s a small pictorial as to how I made this!!!


1) I cut the pattern paper into small strips of different widths.


2) Covered a desired shape with plastic wrap.


3) Then wrapped the pattern paper strips onto the plastic wrap covered bottle. I used decoupage matte glue to adhere the strips together and placed the strips in a fashion such that the flower pattern is more prominent.


4) Gave it a gesso wash using a dry brush.


5) Used stencils- The crafters workshop (2- harlequin and Art is) and added texture using modeling paste at random areas. After which a nice coating of decoupage matte glue was given to seal the surface.


6) Once everything has dried, I assembled my focal spot using various embellishments and various colors of flowers from my stash and to zing it up a bit added a metal chain that runs through the back of the metal sunflower to the side of the bracelet. Used viva decor Inka gold- gold paint to highlight a few areas of the textures added!!!


7) The final step was to cut the bracelet open at a point exactly behind the focal point. After trimming the edges, a soft padding was added to the inner surface of the paper so that it’s comfortable to wear. Last but not the least, a Brown ribbon was attached so that the bracelet can be worn by various wrist sizes and voila it is ready!!! 😀

Here are the closer views of the final bracelet!!!


And this is how it looks when worn.


Hope you enjoyed my process of making this bracelet.

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