A love theme Exploding Box made using “Amor Mio” collection

Hello Folks

Love is a beautiful expression, a wonderful feeling to live with. It makes you feel emotionally connected to ones who are special to you. But why to keep your feelings confined just to yourself, and instead let your loved ones know that you care, making it memorable for them and for this Exploding Boxes is one of my favorite things to make.



My 4 years old daughter calls them “Surprise Boxes” and I could not agree more. Exploding boxes are thrilling, perplexing and gives you a wide area to express your creativity. The “Amor Mio” line of papers from BobnBetty is just perfect for making a romantic theme Exploding Box.



It has some gorgeous, dreamy, vintage designs which go well with a love theme. It also has tags and hearts which you can fussy cut and incorporate into your project.



I made a 4 layered 5”x5”x5” box using paper from the collection. I love that the paper is thick enough to make a sturdy box. Open the lid and be pleasantly surprised by the layers of beauty that unravel before you. I also fussy cut the tags and hearts to create attractive, vintage accents for my box.



The paper itself was so amazing that little else was needed and I just added some lace, trims and paper flowers to finish my box.



Exploding Boxes can be utilized to keep photos, a little trinket, write notes and anything that you would like to incorporate. It truly brings in an expression of mystery and surprise for the recipient.
I hope you too loved my exploding box as much as I loved and enjoyed making it.

With Love
Juhi Khanna

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