Rishabh Bhardwaj

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Rishabh Bhardwaj
Co-Founder & Creative Head
Rishabh Bhardwaj is a prolific man with a charismatic personality, based in Delhi. He is a Multimedia graduate and specializes in graphic designing, web and media planning. He has been associated with India’s leading Media House. Rishabh is endowed with exceptional creative abilities and works with a mission of giving his best in whatever he does. He is an aspiring entrepreneur, a tech-savvy and a passionate designer. As a Creative Head and Co-Founder of Bobnbetty, he gives a creative bent to the brand with his unique sense of designing. His aesthetic approach towards designs, maintains a balance between simple and complex. Young, creative, energetic and versatile, he strongly believes that “Future belongs to those who see possibilities before they are obvious”.

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