Deepika Sharma

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Deepika Sharma
Deepika Sharma is a creative and amazingly talented lady from the Capital City, Delhi. Being a Masters in International Business, she began her career in Banking Industry and thereon served the corporate world for an extensive ten years. Since her early days, Deepika has the passion for Arts and Crafts and carried it as her hobby along with her studies and work. Creativity amazes her, binds her and attracts her. Hence she decided to turn her avocation into vocation and there came the idea of “BobnBetty”. As a Co-Founder of BobnBetty, she is involved in multi-tasking with her expertise in designing and marketing. Her approach has helped BobnBetty to acquire business and association with gifted crafters around the globe. Deepika is also skilled in oil paintings and pencil sketching. She takes life as a challenge and explores every opportunity that strikes her way.

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