Decoupaged Cake Stand by Jaanhvi Hinduja, feat. Botanic Trails Papers

Life is busy these days, isn’t it?
In our quest to fill our lives with everything wonderful, we seem to have become busier than ever. We seem to be into an endless race and missing on the simple things in life. As I grow..I really wish to focus my time and energy on what matters most. To soak in those everyday, seemingly insignificant moments and find joy in the simple things.
Desserts…over-rated it may sound to the health freaks, I believe the sweetness brings you closer. Savouring the bite, I  tend to slow down and go back to my childhood..
Drawing inspiration from that old rustic life – the bright colours, charming character, home-cooked meals, and time with family – I hope to inspire you to join me in slowing down to enjoy the simple things with this cute project.
Its a cake stand for the fond childhood memories, using my favourite print from the ‘Botanic Trails’ collection.
I’ve used the same round base that I made for my earlier project (Ba – Dastoor wall decor frames). As I wanted the cake stand to be able to sustain some dessert spillage and also be food safe, I cut a round clear acrylic for the inside diameter and reverse decoupaged it with the print.
The bottom stand is a sofa leg that I found in a junk shop. I adhered the leg to the plate using small nails. The entire base was then painted brown and then navy blue. I then sanded the whole thing to distress it. Varnished it, and stuck the decoupaged acrylic on the top with a strong glue.
I’ve been wanting to make this since long.  But sometimes you come accross certain things and you just get it right! This can be used to keep small planters, or some decorative accents around the house too.
So while I relish the lovely cupcakes, why don’t you all tell me how you liked it, and give it a try?!

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