Wall Decor Plates by Jaanhvi Hinduja, feat. Ba-Dastoor DecoPatch Papers

Hello again dear friends!
I am here to share yet another project made with the Ba – Dastoor DecoPatch papers. The designs are ethnic and so colourful that I wish to make most of them this Diwali.
Hanging plates on the walls have become very popular in the last few years. If you do not own an antique to display, there are lot of home decor stores selling them. But, don’t you consider yourself lucky to possess just the apt supplies and the skills to create your own unique piece? I feel rather blessed to be able to create things that I used to buy once upon a time 🙂
I feel plates made of glass, terracotta, ceramic etc. have their own charm…but they come with a drawback of being fragile and difficult to handle. To overcome this, I made plates made out of wood. They look as beautiful and are not even half as fragile as the glass ones.
I’ve used the elephant design and decoupaged three plates of various sizes. Just one sheet made me three plates.
Diwali isn’t complete without a little bit of bling. My current favorite thing is ‘gilding’, to add that flash. To make gilding more interesting I’ve done it through a stencil. Check out how beautiful they look.
I’d love to share process and tutorials in case you guys are interested. Let me know if you would like to learn.
Till then,
Create, love, share!

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