Decoupage box using the “Meadows” collection by Tanvi

Hello, this is Tanvi here to feature another awesome release MEADOWS, a set of eight delicate floral designs with a vintage touch in our range of decoupage specialty papers. This is a perfect collection for someone like me who loves vintage but always looks out for a dash of happy colors in vintage too! Each design is gorgeous!


I will be sharing a decoupage box using my favorite print from the collection in which I have combined decoupage with reverse decoupage for the glass lid of this box.


Let me explain briefly –

  1.  First I did some stenciling with gold acrylic paint on the backside of the glass lid.
  2. Next I trimmed the specialty decoupage paper to the size of the lid & cut off a rectangle the size of the glass piece from this.


3. Glue this piece on the backside of the glass right side facing down  (reverse decoupage) & the left over to the frame of the lid. Seal with decoupage glue.

4. The base of the box was painted in antique gold acrylic paint. Once dry used masking tape to create bands & stenciled over the open bands with gold paint. Loved the stenciled bands.

5. Varnished & sanded the box to finish.

Here are some close ups of the box –






Hope you like this “twist” of combining both decoupage techniques in one project.

We are also having a MEGA CONTEST for our third anniversary. Do check our FB page for details.

Thats all for today!

Thank you for stopping by & happy crafting!





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