A Lit Canvas designed with ‘Imperial’ by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a gala time celebrating the festivals! The festive pomp and fervour continues.. This time, I’ve got a sparkling inspiration from the latest range of decoupage papers by Bob n Betty – “Imperial” – a lit canvas!

The beautiful mandala pattern inspired me to create something which is festive, sparkling, decorative and useful as my DT project.

We need very basic supplies :

  1. 8″/10″ stretched canvas
  2. Mandala paper
  3. Glue
  4. Precision knife
  5. Battery operated led light string
  6. Card stock (black)
  7. Velcro

I started with pasting the pattern paper on the black card stock. We don’t need a very thick one, it’ll be difficult to cut precisely. I let the glue dry then began cutting the mandala design using precision knife. Its up to your imagination, which parts you cut. Remember not to cut the entire design so that it falls off. Use your fingers from behind and make the cut parts pop out. This is where the light will show through.

Next i pasted the ready cut design on the canvas. Painted the canvas edges. Finally, I took a 3 mtr led string (battery operated) and put it inside the backside of the canvas. Its up to you if you wish to put the batteries inside or outside. It’s easier to operate if it’s outside. I adhered a black cardstock on the backside using velcro (I’ve put the batteries inside). The velcro will allow me to remove the card stock and operate the lights. I coated the entire canvas with mod podge as I’d like the project to last even after Diwali :).

Pardon me as I was trying this and wasn’t sure of the results so didn’t click the pictures while making it.  However, I’ll be more than glad to help if any of you wish to try out and need more clarity on setting it up finally.

This is a great piece, which can be used as wall decor or floor rangoli. You can make it as sets of two, four, six, etc. and create your own unique decor.

Happy Crafting 🙂


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