Bob n Betty 2nd Birthday Celebration – CONTEST 1 “Maze of Jumbled words”

Hey Friends,

Niharika here, Bringing up for you, the very first contest to celebrate Bob n Betty’s 2nd birthday – “ Maze of Jumbled Words ”

Confusing ?? Naah… I will explain it to you…

Here are few words – which are related to crafts – hidden in this maze.. All you have to do is, FIND THEM to WIN THEM!! Yess…You will actually get the same product as prize if u find it correctly in this maze.. Amazing isn’t it?


Here are the Rules:

  1. You have to find the words Hidden in this maze.
  2. Whatever words you find out, mail your answers to with Subject : “Answer to Maze of Jumbled Words Contest”.
  3. Do not post your answers on any social media platform, it will hamper your chances to win.
  4. You can participate in this puzzle (Maze of Jumbled Words) till 11:59 PM, 26th April 2017.
  5. Whoever gets the maximum correct answers (1 person), wins the contest, and gets the correctly guessed products as prize.
  6. In case of a tie, the winner will be chosen on the basis of lucky draw.

Its time for you all to get started… but before that I will give you some hint (shhh….)

“The words are not in their straight spelling i.e. the spelling of the word is also jumbled”

Now time for a little more surprise…. The winner also gets a small little cute product made by me, as a part of their prize. I am so excited to know who it will be …Have you started scratching your head already??? hehe…. So what are you waiting for guys, wear your thinking caps and start finding the answers….

All the best… !


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