A Birdhouse Table Lamp, designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja with Googly Woogly Paper Collection

Hello my lovely pals!

It was a lazy sunny morning, when my son saw someone fixing a birdhouse in the adjacent bungalow verandah.  He was amused having seen a tiny house and demanded one for himself :).  Well,  all of the toddler’s desires can’t be fulfilled, but this one did give me a crafty idea.  I too loved the birdhouse but wanted to escape maintaining one in my verandah! So,  i decided to make a bird house lamp for his room instead.  The newest release of Bob n Betty,  “Googly Woogly”,  gave colors to my imagination. The stack has lovely gender-neutral prints and colors that make it ideal, not only for baby record book but for a lot of baby shower and nursery decor projects.

It’s fun to have cheerful colors in a toddler’s room,  and green and yellow make a perfect color pallette as the kids outgrow the ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ age. So,  a safari theme table lamp in the shape of a bird house was a perfect choice for me.

I took a readymade MDF birdhouse and cut a 2.5″/2.5″ square out of the house base using my jigsaw cutter to make a hollow base for fixing a bulb. Next,  i cut another piece of MDF equal to the size of the base of the house and got a bulb holder fixed in this piece.  I made a hole in the backside of the house for the bulb wire to pass through and finally fixed the base having the bulb onto the house base with screws. Bulb can be changed by unscrewing the base.

The challenging part was now done and I began with painting and then decoupaging the birdhouse.  The stack has lovely fussy cut elements and notecards and i chose the monkey, the giraffe and the butterflies for my project.

Have a look how cute these animals make the birdhouse look!

My son was happy to have a cute birdhouse lamp for his room and so was I :).

Do leave your comments, how you liked this project and give it a try at leisure.



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