A Pin-up Board designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello buddies!
Its a bright hot summer afternoon, and as I sip some cold iced tea I think of the scorching summers ahead and the kids’ summer vacations!
Thinking of the vacation and the newest! coolest! ‘Minion’ decoupage papers launched by Bob n Betty recently,  I thought of making something that I needed for my son’s room –  a pin up board! All of us would relate to this –  keeping track of the school activities dates and organising the everyday circulars is quite a task.  A pin up board does come handy for this,  and nothing can be cooler than something which is handmade.
I’ve done fabric decoupage using the minion paper and then made a soft board out of it.
So let’s begin with the process….
Supplies needed – Decoupage paper of your choice,  soft board, thick white fabric, thin white foam or thick white velvet cloth, modpodge matte and sponge.
1. Cut soft board (available in plywood stores). Can be easily cut with a sharp cutter. I’ve taken a 12″/12″ board.
2. Take a thick cotton fabric and cut it 2″ larger than the board from all sides.
3. Take a decoupage paper and coat it with modpodge evenly (front side).  Use generous coats. Use a thick brush so that you finish coating before it dries.
4. Now stick the modpodge coated paper on the cotton fabric and press gently with your fingers and remove all bubbles. Allow it to dry for a few hours. I left it overnight.
5. Take a piece of sponge,  dip it in water and remove the paper layer slowly in circular motion. Do it in parts and patiently. Do not scratch hard – it’ll spoil the image. Keep doing this until you see the clean image. Use a hair dryer to dry the fabric.
6. My board was 12″/12″ and the photo transferred image was A4,  so I painted the sides.  The polka dots have been done by my son :).  It’s a great craft actually for kids to learn to upcycle things.
7. Next,  i covered the board with a thick white velvet.  Reason 1 –  it makes the board appear soft and easier to push pins inside. Reason 2 – white fabric underneath the decoupage fabric brings out the colours nicely.
8. Then i covered the velvet covered board with the minion fabric.  I’ve used a hardware stapler to do this. You could also use a glue gun instead, but i wanted it to be sturdy and so i used a stapler.
9. Finally i slipped the completed board in a pre-made wooden frame.
And its ready to be hung!
Hope you find the idea and the steps useful. Do give it a try – kids will love it I’m sure!
Happy summers till we meet next.

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