A Handmade Calendar designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello my lovelies!
So,  how’s the new year treating you? Well! Let me begin my first DT project of the year with what better than a desk calendar! I’ve made two of these with the 6″/6″ sheets from the gorgeous ‘Coral Cluster’  and ‘Floral Nymph’ collections. Don’t they come so handy for such mini projects?
I’ve used very basic supplies for these – 4 pieces of  6″/6″ MDF boards, calendar print-outs (you could use the stamps too,  but i wanted to make many of these so I printed),  some lacy and doilies die-cuts, card stock, scrapbooking rings and some metal charms,  flower, sequins,  etc. for finishing.
To begin with,  I chose the prints of my choice and covered the MDF boards from both sides and punched holes. I decorated the cover board by layering the fussy cut flowers and a quote cut-out for one and shaker element and flower for the other.
I like to create additional utilities for my projects, so, on the reverse side of the cover i created a pocket with tag/bookmark for one calendar and a sticky note with pen for the other.
Next, i completed the other boards by putting some lacy and doilies die-cuts. Finally, i bound the calenders together with scrapbooking rings and finished by hanging some metal charms.
And the multi – purpose desk calenders are ready! So,  what do you think of them? They make great new year gifts – I’m going to make quite a few of these and gift my friends 🙂
Wish you a crafty year ahead!

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