Decoupage Trays by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Bonjour Buddies!

Winters have almost set in and isn’t the cold weather crept up on us and it feels like we’ve had to dust off jumpers and jackets overnight? Fortunately there are plenty of things you can do to get your home ready for a cozy Winter – and I’m here with some gorgeous shabby chic style home accessories, that will help you beat off the cold, dreary months in style.

Winter mornings call for something relaxed. Perhaps in bed before the day warms up. What can be better than hot coffee or tea served in a warm shabby chic tray?


So let’s get started to create some old cottage style accents, which are trending in a big way this season!
‌Bob n betty’s Soo Shabby and Coral Cluster range of papers are perfect to achieve the country style, soft pastel floral decor.  I began with choosing the prints of my choice and then painting the trays with a base colour. This is the colour that you want the cracks and the worn out parts to show through. After the base coat dried completely, i applied the clear crackle medium unevenly around the edges. This coat again needs to dry for about 30 minutes. Next, I chose the final colour and painted the whole tray with it and left it to dry over night. As the paint dries, the crack appears. Then, I sanded off edges and to give it a rustic, worn out look. Finally, decoupaged the base,


did some shabby script stenciling and sealed the tray with varnish. Further, I rolled some jute twine around the grips to complete the rustic look.


‌So, how did you like it? Try it out with patience and do share your projects with all of us!

‌Till then,
‌Happy winters!

3 thoughts on “Decoupage Trays by Jaanhvi Hinduja

  1. Shalini says:

    Hi jaahnvi… ur creations r superb…. plz mention which varnish we should use or can v use modpodge… whats d difference between both f them…


    • Jaanhvi hinduja says:

      Hi Shalini! Thank you for the admiration and i shall be more than happy t to help you with decoupage techniques. Please coat the project with mod podge of your choice. You must leave mod podge to dry naturally for a few hours. Then coat with either solvent based varnish available in sprays or cans, or water based varnish. Both are available easily at all paint hardware shops. The varnish must be left to dry for a few hours before the next coat. Sand lightly with fine grit sandpaper between the coats to achieve a smooth finish.


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