A Festive Lantern designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja

Hello Buddies!
Just a day to Diwali, and for your last minute preparations, I am here to share a tutorial on a paper lantern. Let me admit when I saw this particular decoupage paper, immediately i thought of making a Diwali lantern, but just got a little delayed amidst multiple tasks.

We need very basic supplies for this – a set of decoupage paper, card stock (500 gsm is good), glue and thick thread.

  1. Cut the papers into two equal halves – horizontally.
  2.  Cut the cardstock – 5.25″/7.75″.
  3.  Mark 0.75″ on the card stock on all sides and cut the card stock to make it a frame.


4. Stick the cardstock frame on the reverse side of the paper and fold the edges and glue it neatly.

5. Punch equidistant holes on the edges of all four parts, lengthwise.
6. Join all four parts, one by one by passing the thick thread through the holes in a criss-cross manner.

‌….And its ready! If you choose to hang this lantern you can attach threads on top to do so.  You may also add some hanging pearls in such case.  I wanted to use this as a table lantern so I only finished it with some gold 3d outliner.



I am happy to have my own handmade lantern for Diwali. The beauty of this is,  you can fold this and keep it to reuse whenever you wish to:)

Do try this and please your guests! Alter sizes and make a set!

Have a very happy and safe Diwali. Keep crafting.


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