A Key Holder made by Jaanhvi Hinduja, using Decoupage Specialty papers

Good morning folks!

Hope the festival preparations are in full swing…!

Bob n Betty has released some awesome masculine decoupage specialty papers this season, and I am totally in love with each one of them. I personally feel that its a challenge to work on masculine projects, after all aren’t men themselves a challenge to be with 🙂 Haha..jokes apart – let’s get started with the project. I’ve made a vintage masculine wall organizer that can be used in multiple ways – to hang keys, glares, belts etc. Isn’t it good to see and find things at their place?

Now to create this organizer we will need a wood pallet (I’ve made my own – instructions provided), decoupage specialty paper of your choice, a candle, modpodge, distress ink, wood varnish and some hooks.

‌I began with preparing my base, i.e. the wood pallet. I’ve cut six strips of about 8″/1.75″ each and two strips of 11.5″/1″ each. I use a jigsaw cutter to cut my wood.  However, it is recommended that this should be attempted only after practice. You could alternatively get such pallet made by a local carpenter. I wanted to give the pallet a very raw and vintage look, so I didn’t pay much attention on getting clean edges.


Next I assembled the wood strips. Lay the 6 strips with about three mm space between each. Little here and there is just fine! Stick the longer strips that we cut on top using the hardware fevicol. Let it dry for about an hour.


Then screw all pieces together. Refer pictures for clear understanding.


Then I took the decoupage paper and burnt the edges with a candle. I made the pallet according to the size of the paper so no cutting was required. Be careful with this step.  Keep a rag with you, burn and quickly rub against the rag to avoid burning the paper completely. Please clear your craft desk and remove all papers, inflammable materials etc. before beginning this step.


Next glue down the paper on the pallet using fevicol. The wood that I used was unfinished and uneven. So the unevenness shows after sticking the paper. This is what I wanted, nothing very neat this time. Then use a paper cutter to cut between the pallet gaps. Use a sanding paper to remove extra paper.

‌Distress the wood edges and the gaps with vintage photo distress ink and coat the pallet with matte modpodge.  Allow it to dry.

Coat with wood varnish once the modpodge layer is completely dry.


Drill and fix hooks in the lowermost strip. Fix hooks behind to hang. And its ready 🙂
‌tip-you could put handles on both side of such pallet and convert it into a tray. Or fix clock and convert it into a wall or table clock, use your imagination to create! Adjust the size of the pallet according to your project.

Leave a comment for any clarification you might need.

Happy crafting till we meet next time 🙂



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