3D Decoupage, A project designed by Jaanhvi Hinduja with Woodies Paper Collection

Hello my beautiful friends!

Today I’m going share a lovely and super easy technique with Bob and Betty papers – 3-dimensional decoupage! We know that this technique is traditionally done with specially designed papers, but I wanted to experiment it with the lovely floral elements that bob n betty has been designing for us, and the results have been superb! Without talking much, here I share the detailed step-by-step procedure:

Step 1 – I have used the woodies stack for this project, as the floral elements were really appealing. I did a basic decoupage on a wooden box.  Applied varnish and kept it for drying.

Step 2 – Then I fussy cut the flowers from the second sheet of the same pack I chose the bigger flowers and some highlight leaves for fussy cutting. You don’t need to be too perfect but greater precision will surely get you better results.

Step 3 – I embossed the cut flowers and leaves with my embossing tool.  The paper is sturdy enough to withstand embossing. Tip: for flowers move away from the centre towards the tip of the petals. Then reverse the flowers and emboss the centre.  Do the embossing gently.

Step 4 – I like my projects to be maintenance free, easy to clean and last long.  Therefore, in the next step, I applied a thin layer of mod podge on the flowers, and let it dry for an hour or so.

Step 5 – The woodies papers have some lovely distressed cracked wooden background, so I wanted to highlight the flowers with similar effect.  I applied the clear crackle over the flowers and let it dry. Tip : Apply thick coat at some places and thinner elsewhere.  Thicker coat gives you larger cracks and thinner ones smaller. It needs to rest for at least 20 to 30 mints.  I prefer letting them drying on their own.

Step 6 – Apply the vintage distress ink over the flowers and leaves and then rub with your index finger.  Wipe off the excess ink with a clean cotton cloth. This will highlight the cracks.

Step 7 – Though I achieved what I wanted, but I feared the flowers getting squashed over a period of time or during shipment. So I filled the embossed cavities with heat gun glue. You need to do this very slowly as the flowers are tiny.  Allow them to dry. Now I have the 3-d flowers that are sturdy and will last long.

Step 8 – Now the most exciting step, to put everything together! I stuck the 3-d flowers and petals on the decoupaged box with strong glue. I’ve used fevibond, however glossy accent or e6000 can also be used. Tip: after applying the glue on the flowers let it dry for a few seconds before adhering.  This way when you press the flowers,  the excess glue won’t come out and the project shall be neat.


Step 9 – I finished the floral bunch with some paper flowers, pearls, blings and sentiment tiles.


Step 10 – As I had made this box for a beautiful girl’s wedding trousseau, I used some lace and a fancy button with tassel to complete the look.



Hope you try out this technique with the versatile Bob n Betty papers and share your projects with us.

Till then,
Happy crafting!



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