A Carriage Clock made with “The Good Old Times” Paper Pack by Roshni Gupta

Hello everyone,

Antique and vintage items have their own charisma and beauty. It takes you back to a voyage of never ending emotions and feelings which you spent in the old time frame. Haven’t you thought of adding vintage items at your home to enhance its visual appeal? I am sure you must have. If you are looking for ways to give your home a new dimension, then this project will sure serve you million times.

Who doesn’t want to flaunt an antique vintage clock at home? What about making it yourself??

So here is a 3 in 1 carriage clock …. It’s not only a beautiful antique piece to decorate your house but it also has a scrapbook to hold your precious memories and a box at the bottom to store memorabilia.



When I saw the beautiful “GOOD OLD TILMES”paper collection from Bob n Betty, I knew I was going to make a miniature vintage clock. But I wanted it to be practical as well…. So after a lot of calculations and thoughts I finally made this 3D clock that has a scrapbook as well as a box at the bottom.






The paper collection has really beautiful clock graphics with subtle and soothing background. Its coordinating papers make it really easy to work with.


Here is a video showing the clock in detail

Hope you all like it



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