A Hot Air Balloon Gift Box made by Joanna Solecka

Hello Fellas,

Imagination is the beginning of creation. An artist thinks beyond the set boundaries and come up with an innovative and fascinating outcome. I have tried a similar approach in my next project. Have you ever thought of fusing a hot air balloon with a box filled with gifts and chocolates? Indeed it seems interesting. The hot air balloon signifies your dream to soar high which I tried to incorporate in this project. Gifting is a good gesture and amalgamating it with a touch of creativity makes it all the more appealing to the eye.

To weave this delicate idea, I decided to use the gorgeous pattern papers from Bob n Betty, “Floral Nymphs”. These papers with beautifully carved roses on a vintage background did wonders to my project. Along with this, I used some of the embellishments in order to give a beautiful dimension to the gift box.




I used these papers to cut the shape of a balloon. It took some time to glue all the pieces together but the effect was simply mesmerising. To give it a final touch, I added few leaves, flowers, and pearls.



The box can be used to keep sweet little gifts, chocolates, and other little things to make the day of your special one beautiful.


I enjoyed making the project and hope you too liked the outcome.

Happy Crafting


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