Design Team Reveal, July 2016 – December 2016


So here is the final reveal, we present to you the scintillating faces of our new design team for July – December 2016. New team, new goals, and the boundless creativity are coming down your way. Bob n Betty welcomes all the members with warmth and open hearts.


Niharika Gupta – Chennai, India
Design Team Member
Niharika Gupta is a smart and extremely talented girl from the capital city of India, Delhi. A Software Engineer by qualification, she is passionate about crafting and does it with a lot of pleasure. Since 2014, she has been involved in this art form and had come up with some beautiful creations and products. Niharika is the owner of a boutique for handmade cards and scrapbooks brand by the name, “Niharika Expressions”.
Niharika has a facebook page that gives a glimpse of her amazing and creative work.


Tanya Cloete – Pretoria, South Africa
Design Team Member
Tanya Cloete is an exceptionally talented and ardent crafter from South Africa, many recognizes her with her facebook name “Tanya Scrapbooking”. The 28 year old cheerful artist began her scrapbooking journey as a hobby to keep herself busy. At that time she was unaware of the beautiful future the field of art and crafts hold for her. She loves to make crafty things. Scrapbooking and paper crafting has developed as a passion for her in no time. Photos are memories to be treasured forever and what better way than to tell a story by the beautiful layouts or albums one can make. She likes to create mini albums, single page layouts and cards. She has recently developed a great new love for making 3D/OTP projects. Her work is perfect amalgamation of almost every art form. You may check out her amazing work at


Anita Kejriwal – Kolkata, India
Design Team Member
Anita Kejriwal is a passionate crafter from the capital city of India, Delhi. Since the tender age of 5, she has been into crafting and all through the years she has completely absorbed, evolved and learnt this art form to its core. Being a teacher since last 8 years, Anita has kept her passion alive and shared it on many platforms all over the world. Crafting which started as hobby has accorded Anita with the new identity and niche which everyone is truly proud of. She is particularly fond of card making, flower making, and scrap booking. She loves to explore the art of mixed media giving her own creative bend. The art of creativity is boundless and so mesmerizing that she keeps her heart and mind open for everything that comes her way. Anita is profound artist and loves to play around with papers bringing forth her unique and perfect creations. She has been a design member of CheerLynn Designs and is a current member of Heartfelt Creations and Cottage Cutz Dies.

Anita has a Facebook page, Instagram account You can also visit get a glimpse of her work at hr blog, and You Tube channel


 Bipasha K – Melbourne, Australia
Guest Designer

Bipasha is a super gorgeous and exceptionally talented girl from India. Currently based in Australia, she is pursuing her post-graduation in Engineering. Much like a traditional Aquarian, she breathes, understand and live art. Bipasha does not follow just one particular art form, but gets inspired by every day events and moments which ignites her hidden creative side. She is more involved in creating high dimensional and detailed projects that sets a different outlook as to what can be created with just paper, few metals and hues. In addition to being an endorsed Prima Educator(Australia and India), she has served as a guest designer for International manufacturers such as Wild Orchid Crafts, May Arts Ribbon. Bipasha loves to travel and has been conducting workshops across the world as a part of her Prima Education Venture.
Bipasha has her own blog, and facebook page, comprises her beautiful collection of work.
Bipasha is going to be with us as a guest designer and will be posting only once in three months.


Juhi Khanna – Singapore
Design Team Member

Juhi Khanna is an Electronics Engineer from India, currently settled in Singapore. Even though she has a technical background, nothing could stop her from following her passion and inner potential. A creative bug bit her and she turned into an amazing paper crafter. Initially she made cards out of Indian handmade papers and die-cuts and then moved on to making mini albums and exploding box cards. Juhi had her own paper crafts business in India, but could not continue with it as she got settled in Singapore. But as rightly said nothing can keep you away from your passion, she continued making cards and other items. She loves to play around with pattern papers and bring out her beautiful creations. Juhi even likes to explore her talent in mix media art. She had been conducting paper crafting and stamping workshops. Juhi has her own blog and facebook page, “juhishandmadecards” which showcases her talent and creativity.


Thandar Aye – Washington, USA
Design Team Member

Thandar Aye is an extremely talented and gorgeous lady form the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States of America, the Washington State to be precise. She is a blood banker by day and scrapbook artist by night. The life’s usual and hectic routine and busy work schedules never ceased her creativity. She loves to explore new art forms turning her vision into reality. Paper crafting for her is a great outlet to distress. Her innovative work is a beautiful fusion of art mediums and colors.  Thandar has her blog,, YouTube Channel,, and a Pinterest Account,


Dr. MV Pratyusha – Bangalore India
Design Team Member

Dr M V Pratyusha is a young and passionate lady, who is pursuing her post-graduation in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics. Currently based in Bangalore, she has been involved in crafting from a long time and considers it to be her stress buster, as it gives her the pleasure and satisfaction in life. Pratyusha loves to experiment with new techniques that give shape to her amazing ideas. An expert in Mix Media Art, she has even tried her hand in quilling. She likes to recycle products and has made tutorials for the same which are available on youtube. Pratyusha’s blog, and facebook page gives a peek of her creative side.


Joanna Solecka – Dublin, Ireland
Design Team Member
Joanna is an extremely talented and versatile lady who hails from Dublin, Ireland. She believes in meeting new people and learning different things from them. Joanna feels great in sharing her knowledge with other people around and showing them that nothing is hard unless you try once. Crafting is her passion and never ending love since years and still continues to be. Ten years ago, she started with the decoupage art and thereafter tried her skills on stitching, felting and card making. She has a fascinating assortment of craft accessories especially stamps. Her crafts room is full of stamps, dies, papers, and different machines. Crafting comes as a hobby to her which provides an escape from her everyday usual life. Previously, she was a member of ScrapyLand and Tresors de Luxe and guest designer for many different brands. Presently she is working with Scrap Africa and Robin’s Nest.
She has her blog,, facebook page, and Instagram account, which reflects her boundless creativity.


Ayushi Aggarwal – Delhi, India
Design Team Member

Ayushi Aggarwal is a confident and talented crafter who hails from Delhi. She has been into crafting from past three years. Crafting is her passion and she aspires to beautify her career in this field. Ayushi is more into making scrapbooks and loves to experiment with different kinds of pattern papers that bring out her creativity. Scrapbooks can help you convey your message in the most beautiful manner and this is what Ayushi has been doing successfully. She brings forth the emotions, feelings of an individual in her own creative style.
Ayushi has her own facebook page, “Hapiness At Ur Doorstep” where you can get a glimpse of her amazing and budding talent. She even conducts workshops for students all over the country.


Roshni Gupta – Kolkata, India
Design Team Member

Roshni is a smart and talented girl from the city of Kolkata. She is a fourth year law student. Her educational background did not restrict from keeping herself involved in crafting. She calls herself a paper addict and does magic every time she plays with the pattern papers. Crafting is her passion which comes naturally to her. She enjoys creating something new, distinct and innovative. Her expertise can be witnesses in her work which is a true reflection of her imagination, as she is passionate about exploring and learning new things and art forms. Roshni loves to experiment and try her hands on new things. She loves to do mix media, layouts, dimensional projects and scrapbooking with more of shabby chic and vintage effects.

Roshini has her blog,  and Youtube channel showcasing her budding talent.

Cheers to the new clan of Bob n Betty.


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