A Memory Box made by Rashmi Jajodia, First Runner-up of our Birthday Celebrations Giveaway

Hello, I’m sharing a tutorial of Wooden Memory Box.
For this project I’ve used  “Floral Logs” and “Ornate Annie” paper packs by Bob n Betty.

This is the first time I’m working with Bob n Betty papers and the experience was amazing !

So let’s begin…

Materials required :
MDF box ( I’ve used 6×6″ box),
Acrylic color of your choice,
Pattern Papers (14-15 sheets of 6×6″),
Cardstock (any color of your choice),
Glue / Double sided thin tape,
And some decorative material (not compulsory).

Procedure :
1) Take your MDF box and color it with acrylic paint from inside as well.
As some people don’t like to paint , you can just color the borders of your box because when we will stick the pattern papers only the border will be visible. So you can save your time and color by using this tip 😛


2) Now cut your pattern papers for all the sides of your box, here my box size is 6×6 inches so I’m cutting my paper a little less than my box.


3) I’ve started pasting my papers from the lid, cover all the sides of your box with pattern paper.


4) Cut two more pattern papers and paste them from inside as shown in the picture.



5) Now, take card stock of whatever size you have.. I measured 4.5 x 4.5 inches for each flap.



6) Make fan folds (accordion folds) as shown in the picture. As I want to add more photos and messages I want to add more flaps so leave some extra part (left side), this will help you to add more flaps.



7) Add glue / double sided thin tape on that extra part, and stick another flap on it , make sure you do this on the back side.

This is how it will look from back.
You can add tons of flaps by using this method.


8) Now we will need pattern papers for our flaps, so I cut them a little less than 4.5 x 4.5 inch (flap size)










9) I’ve distressed the edges of papers with black distressing ink. (This is not compulsory, you can avoid this step)






10) Then paste the papers on all the flaps.
Note: As you can see in this image I’ve added a ribbon on the top flap so that it is easy to pick up the flap from the box.

Flaps are ready now.


11 Now apply glue on the back of last flap and stick inside the box.


We are almost done with our Memory Box, now comes the decoration part.


I used a tag from Ornate Annie paper pack in which you get 3 die cuts sheets and you can easily fussy cut them and use 🙂



Also I’ve used some Flowers, Pearl Stickers and Lace to decorate my box.

This can also be used as a trinket box, jewelry box or add a little gift inside and give to your loved ones.




Video link – https://youtu.be/-b63kd8I2QE

Hope you all find this tutorial helpful and like this project !
Do share your comments, would love to hear from you 🙂

Rashmi Jajodiya



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