A Travel Box made with “Voyager” Paper Collection

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”, travelling enkindles the real human within us. It can take you to dreamland, letting you experience an amazing journey.  But a creative mind doesn’t just stick around the obvious. Imagination can go beyond boundaries, but blending creativity with the fun of travelling is what I thought of doing this time. While looking at the exotic compilation of Bob n Betty Voyager paper, I immediately thought of designing a travel box. But the innovative bug within me could not just allow me to make a simple travel box. It has to be distinct and this gave me the idea of making a “Travel Box“. Voyager collection of pattern paper is gorgeous; with the tempting fusion of stamps, tickets, travel tags & snippets that takes you through a thrilling stroll across the globe.

The outer appearance of the box accords the look of a briefcase. This opens up to two beautifully crafted albums.

ay 2

ay 3

Here are some more detailed pictures……

ay 4

ay 5

ay 6

ay 7

 ‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”, as rightly said, your eyes only see what you want them to. But a wait a moment, there is more to come. The box amazingly opens up from the mid into an alluring picture frame, giving you the option of treasuring special pictures.

ay 8

ay 9

The tags and other elements are fussy cut from this paper pack itself to dazzle up the albums.

Stuff your eyes with wonder and enjoy the journey of making this extremely innovative Travel Box. Hope you too loved the entire project

With love



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