Decoupage Pendants Tutorial

An alluring fusion of beauty and creativity can enkindle a true fashion beast, who aspires to make a mark wherever she goes. A girl adorns herself with gorgeous accessories that enhances her appearance and truly defines her attitude and charm. What if a creative bend is given to such accessories? A crafter’s mind is a perfect harbor of ideas, living in a dreamland where everything is so captivating and realistic too. Similarly an idea popped up in my mind of making something unusual, yet spells binding. I have decided to make a pendant from pattern paper and surely this pendant will impress you. For this, I chose the paper from the gorgeous collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, Vintage Blooms. The vintage touch of the paper is simply gorgeous and charming. So it’s your moment to make your own fashion statement and keep yourself ahead with this completely novel handmade pendant.

Here is a tutorial of how to proceed making it…

Hope you enjoyed its making and loved the amazing outcome.

With Love



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