Decoupaged Boxes with Exotic Birds Collection

Hello Friends
A crafty mind cannot stay hushed; it’s a home to numerous creative ideas popping up every single moment. It can visualize artistry even in a simple wooden box, which might be for others just a piece of household item. Decoupage is an amazing art form that can completely transform the appearance of an object and keep viewer enthralled. Today, I am going to show you how to turn a simple wooden box into a beautiful and attractive home décor accent. I played around with gorgeous pattern paper, glued in place to deceive the eye as if it was a painted design!!! To actually turn my fantasy into reality, I made use of the beautiful collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, “Exotic Birds”. These papers were a lovely amalgamation of natural beauty and birds.


Here is a brief procedure with extremely simple and easy steps:

All the boxes & lids were painted with black acrylic color
The paper (exotic birds) was trimmed to size keeping the patterns in mind & using Mod Podge glued on the painted boxes. Let it dry. Using a sponge dauber I highlighted the edges of all the boxes in black. Once it was dried, I buffed inka gold for added interest.


For the lids I used crackle paste to stencil a design. Let it dry & painted in black again. To highlight the cracks I buffed inka gold on the lids.




Apply a coat of Mod Podge over the boxes & lids once again, followed by several coats of varnish. Make sure to dry the layers thoroughly between each coat.
Fix the knobs of the lid.


I was completely amazed and delighted with the outcome. These decoupage boxes can be used in a variety of ways, as a home décor or for storing household items.
I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making it and hope you too had a good time…

With Love
Tanvi Shah





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