Amor Romántico Box by Bipasha K

Hello everyone!
It’s Valentine’s Day! A perfect day to make your loved one feel special, to charm him with an expression of affection and love and I decided to give shape to my imagination in a gorgeous and innovative way. This is my very first GD creation for Bob & Betty. I truly adore each of the paper lines of this brand. They are of high quality and so easy to use, to create masterpieces, with just a few embellishments. I was planning to create a stand-alone project with just the gorgeous papers but then had a sudden change in my creative thought!

The moment I saw this beautiful paper from the “The Good Old Times” Collection, I exactly knew what I had in my mind. So without further ado, let me share with you my project.
I have named it “Amor Romántico – Box”- an inspiration for the Valentine! I styled my creation in a different flavor, quite different from the traditional red and white valentine hues!
It’s a Graphic 45 Staples Book Box. I altered it in the following simple two-step process:

Step 1:
I applied a layer of gesso with a brush on the edges of all the faces of the box. This would be the probable area which I might not be able to cover with paper, so the gesso would help me to cover it up and blend the entire look.



Step 2:

Once the gesso dried (takes few minutes!), I adhered the pieces of my patterned paper on all the sides of the Box and embellished it, to complete the look.






It can be an adorable gift idea with some cookies/chocolates popped in it for your dear ones or may be a Valentine gift with a beautiful present inside it! Hope my project inspired you all.

Thanks for stopping by!


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