A Mini Photo-Folio with Amor Mio Collection

Hello Folks,

A picture is a poem without words, a delicate way of conveying your sentiments, on this day of love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let your special ones know how much you love them and appreciate their presence in your life. Some will express their feelings with flowers; some would plan for a candle light dinner. But I choose a creative way to express my feelings, A Mini Photo-Folio, an adorable way of treasuring memories, a beautiful way of capturing your moments of romance. And to reflect this feeling of tenderness and compassion, I chose the gorgeous collection of pattern paper from BobnBetty, Amor Mio. The amalgamation of papers, photos and memories is sure to rekindle the moment of love this Valentine’s Day.

So here is a small tutorial on how to make Valentine Mini Photo Folio.
Step 1- Take 10X6 inches cardstock, score it at 0.5-1-1.5 up to 6 inches and fan fold it.


Step 2- Now we need 2 chipboard of 10.5″*4″
I have covered both the chipboards using Bob n Betty’s Valentine collection “Amor Mio”


Step 3- Paste the fanfold cardstock in alignment with the chipboards



Step 4- Next we need 3*4 inches cardstock (15pcs) cover each piece with the lovely Valentine collection.


Step 5- paste the ready flaps as shown, 5 in a row


And there…your Mini Photo Folio is ready.


This Mini Photo Folio will preserve a moment in time and will save a dream from being forgotten. So collect from some of your most memorable photographs, yarn a story and make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

Hope you too enjoyed the process of making this beautiful collection of memories….

Happy Valentine’s Day


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