Tea Chest adorned with Vintage Blooms Paper

Simplicity is the greatest adornment of art and there is nothing wrong in keeping things simple and beautiful. A creative use of a few embellishments and a blend of bright colors can make a simple thing appealing to the eyes. I did not wish to keep this thought just in my imagination, but to apply it in reality. Therefore I decided to decoupage a tea chest, in order to upgrade its appearance in my own creative style. Things turned out to be even simpler when I came across the exquisite collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, Vintage Blooms, and used them for my project.

01 (2)

For this project I have played around with colors and stamps, giving it a strip design to bring out its look. I even added a few embellishments to further enhance the look and feel of the tea chest.



I totally enjoyed making my decoupage tea chest. This handmade piece could be used in a variety of ways as a gift or for a decorative purpose. This project is a combination of beautiful pattern papers, radiant colors and a bit of imagination.

Hope you too liked it!!!!!!

Happy Winters……


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