Decoupaged Tray by Vintage Blooms Collection

Hello Everyone,

Imagine a guest steps into your house and you serve him in not just a normal, but a handmade tray, showing your creative abilities. In other words such simple, yet beautiful things do catch the eyes of beholder. This idea captured my mind and I decided to try and make something that would enhance the look and feel of the kitchen, in my own creative style. Today I will show you how you can transform a wooden tray into a pure bliss. For this I chose an MDF Tray of 12”X12” in size. This tray is adorned with the gorgeous and lovely collection of pattern papers from BobnBetty, Vintage Blooms. The papers were a perfect blend of vintage background and amazing floral prints.

Here, I would like to share the simple steps for making the same.

A base layer coating is done with black acrylic paint using a flat brush. I selected a black & pink theme to coordinate with the colors & script of the patterns. Let it dry.


I chose to leave the inner side of the tray black and wanted to give a crackle effect on the outer sides and back of the tray. In the next step I applied the crackle medium (Folk Art). Let it dry again. Now give it a coat of antique pink chalk paint and as the layer dries cracks begin to appear.


Next apply a layer of Mod Podge and carefully place the pattern paper, smoothen the paper starting from the center and moving outwards, in order to remove any air bubbles.


Once it is dried completely, apply another layer of Mod Podge on the entire tray. Let it dry again. In the end apply 3-4 coats of waterproof varnish, drying completely between layers. If required, sand the layer for a smooth finish. The final product looks like this….




Trays are considered as one of the most fruitful kitchen utility items and could be used in a multiple ways. So try out this handmade tray to give an innovative touch to your kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed the process…..



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