Decoupaged Trinket Boxes and Trays from Bob n Betty Papers by Jaanhvi Hinduja

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Helloooo. …I’m a Compliance person turned into a crafter just about a few months back. I majorly create gift utility and home decor stuff. Came across Bob n Betty while hunting for some specific kind of pattern papers and referred by a fellow crafter. Since then, all my projects are incomplete without their pattern papers.

So far I’ve largely used bob n Betty papers for creating thematic watch organizers and trays. Both of which have been admired by one and all.

My creativity has got a new direction with such lovely papers which are tailor made for you and above all, the ever active spirit of Deepika which infuse life into my projects.

Am glad to be a part of this lovely family. Look forward to creating more lovely stuff.

Here is a glimpse of my project created with Bob n Betty’s papers

Page Link :

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